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It matters how you write it!  Regardless of the form of media, the way you write is a reflection on both you and your business.  From flyers and e-mails to text messages, Facebook, blogs, Twitter and the list keeps growing…they all count!

In the ‘old days’ writing it right in business was the job of a secretary. This was a specialized profession with an education in the art of clear, concise business language. Today, this job has often been transferred to every individual in an organization. Correspondence can be sent without scrutiny at the speed of a key-stroke.  This means that the potential of damaging the credibility of both the individual and the company they represent is ever-present.

Have you considered providing your staff with a simple “how-to”? If that seems too involved, one of the most effective solutions is having stock literature that’s been professionally proofed.

Never underestimate the impact of correct language

Although attitudes have become more casual, never underestimate the impact of correct language as a business tool.  How you write is the impression you create about your business.  And, this pertains to everything across every platform from your website and advertising media, to your employees’ blogs and e-mails.

On-Hold Marketing is staffed with writers trained in fundamental writing skills.  These skills include planning, writing in a correct and courteous way, editing and proofing. In fact, they’ve created “the perfect paragraphs” (saved as individual files) for every application. That means the rest of our team has a readily available template to use for effective communication.

simple writing

One important piece of advice our writers offer: keep it short and simple. This applies to our on-hold scripts as well as to business correspondence. With the right words, you can say the same thing in less time so you don’t bore or overwhelm your audience. After all, making a sale comes down to convincing your prospect that your product or service will provide the solution to their challenge. The goal is to give them confidence that you will carry out your promises. And, one of the best ways to do that, is by making a professional impression.

Write it right… and don’t blow your only shot at making a solid first impression.

Learn more about writing, with this article ‘Learning the Right Way to Write‘.

Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions.” – Paulo Coelho

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