Why IVR is Important to Your Business

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IVR (or Interactive Voice Response) is a telephone feature that can play an important role for your business. Small businesses may have a simpler version…day/night greetings and voicemail. An IVR system can provide anything from a professional greeting to a rather extensive menu of options, depending on the system capabilities.

Do you find that calls to your office get transferred to the wrong people or agents? Do your agents get swamped by calls because they have to collect account numbers, account details, and other pieces of information before they can service the customer?  Do you feel like you need some extra help in screening and routing your calls? One way to solve these problems is by taking full advantage of your telephone system’s auto attendant or IVR feature.

IVR is a type of Telephony menu-driven technology that is able to read a combination of both touch-tone and customer voice input. IVR systems can give customers access to a database of information, or they can be used to identify, segment, and route callers to the person or agent within your team who is most appropriate and relevant for your customer. Whatever features work best for your business, if your phone system is programmed correctly and voiced professionally, it is sure to be a great solution for a positive caller experience.


Here are some more reasons why your business should use a professionally recorded IVR system or voicemail greeting together with an informative message/music program for callers to enjoy when they do need to wait on-hold:

Automated menus allow the customer to help themselves. When your caller simply needs to know company office hours or other basic pieces of information, IVRs can help automate those mundane tasks without the customer ever having to speak to an agent, allowing them to quickly and conveniently solve their own problem or answer their own query and keep the agent free to take care of more complicated issues. Of course, for best customer service, be sure to also offer access to a live person when questions need personal attention.

Professionally scripted and recorded IVRs exude an air of competence, efficiency and expert customer service. If you’re a small business…an auto-attendant menu can make your company seem bigger than it actually is; plus, it provides a courteous, professional greeting without fail every time a customer calls.

IVRs increase agent efficiency for larger businesses. Because calls are routed directly, there is a lesser chance that they will be transferred to the incorrect department, agent or person, or placed on endless hold while reception calls a superior for help.

IVRs can streamline your customer service procedures, reduce your cost per minute for service calls, help your customers while your agents are busy, and give your customers a reason to stay on the line.

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