Why is On-Hold Marketing the Best Business Audio Provider for Your Company?

Quality.    Experience.    Service.    Choice.     Affordability.

  • Canadian owned and operated means excellent service and timely turnaround
  • Our 30+ years in business makes our experience your asset
  • You have the option to choose the best voice and music from our demos
  • Our professional team creates scripts completely customized for your business
  • Easy to manage, affordable programs at less than $2/day
  • Unmatched quality paired with a dedicated team of professionals


“On Hold Marketing has been a partner with Network Telecom for many years.  Their “On-Hold” productions are of superior quality, with many value offerings to fit every business. We are always happy to recommend their services to our customers.”
Cathy – Network Telecom

Let our skilled Professional Team provide the perfect Business Audio to compliment your company today!

Everyone claims to be the best, so why are we different?

Because practice makes perfect

On-Hold Marketing is a leader in the industry with knowledgeable staff who’ve grown with the industry…that’s right On-Hold Marketing Inc. was among the very first companies to provide services for the telephone hold line way back in 1987! We have been creating professional audio for a long time…it’s what we love doing…it’s why over 7000 customers prove we’re the best.

Because we have the expertise

At On-Hold Marketing we employ professional talent…maybe others do too…but we also have the coaching know-how that comes with 30+ years of experience in producing on-hold messages. Creating the perfect audio for your business applications is our fulltime job and that’s the difference. 

Because it doesn’t have to be expensive

We’re the affordable choice amongst our competitors. But we also prove affordability doesn’t compromise quality.  At just $2/day, you still get the top-quality copywriting and recordings you’d expect from an expensive advertising agency, along with professional, prompt, and courteous customer service.  At On-Hold Marketing, affordable doesn’t mean cheap. Affordable means we keep you happy. 

Because we are real people

On-Hold Marketing’s personal touch, family atmosphere, and friendly service sets us apart from any other on-hold company. Made in Canada means we’re a member of your marketing team; we’re available when you need us; we let you know when it’s time to update.  We’ll make you stand out in the crowd with the very best in scripts that showcase your brand, and local talent that speaks to your callers.

Because you get free advice, your choice, quick turnaround

With On-Hold Marketing you can be the driver…or we can be your chauffeur. You get to choose the voice, the music, and the script content…or our professional team can do it all for you. We take the time to ensure you have the best script to fit with your brand, a voice artist to make it come alive and the perfect music accompaniment to make the whole thing come together in perfect harmony, quickly and easily.  But be assured that you always have the final say.

Because we care

On-Hold Marketing staff goes above and beyond to assist our customers with everything they require.  You always get FREE consultation for ideas and best practice advice. All employees have been here for a minimum of 6 years (and some for as many as 30) which means our customers get the long term experience as well as great working relationships. At On-Hold Marketing, we thrive on getting to know our customers’ needs and giving the best customer service we possibly can.