How does On-Hold benefit my bottom line?

Callers learn more about your company while they wait.

Turn on-hold time into marketing time! Let your caller know about your products, services, and promotions or industry tips and information. It’s a smart and cost effective business decision…whether you’re a small family business or a large corporation!

Marketing on-hold creates a positive caller experience.

Customers judge your company based on their contact experiences…in person AND on the phone! You’d never allow an awkward moment of silence in a business meeting – why treat your caller any differently? Let On-Hold Marketing help you create a pleasant greeting, an efficient menu tree and professionally recorded messages to entertain your guests.

Sounding professional boosts sales

Those first seconds (or several minutes) are critical to your callers’ perception of your company.  It’s a fact; when callers are treated to an informative, pleasant greeting while on hold, they’re more likely to feel reassured they’ve called a company that can meet their needs with an effective solution.

Professional programs reduce costly hang-ups

Give your callers something interesting to listen to and they’ll stay! Let them know their business is important. Feed their curiosity. They’ll hold much longer and be less frustrated. Custom on-hold messaging and music is proven to reduce hang-ups by two-thirds!

Your hold line can reinforce other ad campaigns

You’ve trained your staff to “cross-sell” and “up-sell” — why not let your hold line back them up? Market your products and services to existing customers at a fraction of the cost of other advertising media. On hold messages will increase callers’ interest in products or services mentioned while they wait on hold!  

Messages on hold are a target-marketing solution

With an On-Hold Marketing program, your message — and only your message — plays directly to an audience already motivated to learn more about your company. When you market to your callers, we make sure your scripts talk to them, the music reflects your business model and the information engages them so they’re still on the line when you pick it up.

Replace This
Annoying Sound …
… with a great
On Hold

Complete Silence

Silence is boring – in fact, callers may think they've been hung up on

Friendly Reminders

Remind your callers about maintenance or support services that you offer

Annoying Beeps

High-pitched beeps are only going to give your callers a headache

New Promotions

Inform your callers about new promotions that can save them money

Repetitive Music

Looping the same tune over and over again will only frustrate your customer

Appealing Music

Choose from a wide variety of music for callers to hear

Local Radio Stations

You have no control what callers hear – they might even hear a competitors ad!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer any important questions while your callers are waiting