What is Informative Phone Audio?

Informative phone audio is simply harnessing the capabilities of your phone system to communicate helpful information to callers. In other words, enhance customer service by creating messaging that automatically answers callers’ most frequently asked questions.

Informative phone messages can be formal or casual. But, they should be as concise as possible. IVR options direct callers to relevant departments or the desired person. On-Hold messages impart useful educational, promotional or instructive tidbits throughout the program.

Speech is power

With the advent of new technologies and the increasing prevalence of online support resources, such as FAQs or live chat options, you might assume that phone calls are on the way out.  And, that allocating time and money on your phone audio might not be the wisest way to spend your advertising budget. But statistics show that this is definitely not the case. In fact, a large portion of callers prefer to resolve issues via a phone call. According to the Zendesk customer experience trends report 2020:

More than 50% of customers across all age groups typically use the phone to reach out to a service team, making it the most used channel for customer service. (Zendesk)”


What is Informative Phone Audio?

Customers call for quick answers and solutions.

Business meetings are conducted by phone because it’s easier, faster, and cheaper for everyone involved.

So stay ahead of the game! Informative phone audio will set you apart from your competition.

Professional Programming

Make every second count. The team at On-Hold Marketing has the professional staff to create effective scripts, voiced by professional actors in a pleasant and friendly tone. The goal of informative messages is to promote understanding, encourage action, stimulate thinking, or promote ideas. When your call flow is intuitive, informational and helpful, your phone system can deliver trust and confidence in your business.

Add an on-hold program with messages to help clients troubleshoot basic problems.… and your caller will appreciate your thoughtfulness and wait that much longer to speak with your team.  All small steps that help callers become / remain a loyal customer.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

What is Informative Phone Audio?Help your team work smarter, not harder and foster a professional image at the same time.

Design your phone system with informative, meaningful options. Make the most common options as accessible as possible by putting them earlier in the flow to efficiently triage customer needs. This reduces the amount of time that skilled staff have to spend on menial tasks.

You can also improve the customer experience when your IVR system ensures that any usual questions already have a quick response readily available. This means that, in certain instances, callers can rely less on personal interactions and more on self-service which translates to increased productivity for your team members.

So, what does this mean for your company?

Engaging a professional service, like On-Hold Marketing, for your phone messaging can go a long way to maintaining customer service consistency. Since your phone system will continue to perform even with high call volumes, you’ll be able to continuously address customer needs with a consistently pleasant and informative tone. And because callers are routed to the person who can solve their problems, there’s a much better chance of offering solutions quickly and efficiently.

In other words, informative phone audio will make it easier for you to offer the human touch, eliminate exasperation by making resolution times faster, and ultimately provide better customer service. And that of course is the key to improving retention rates (and therefore profits).

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Quote: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”
― Theodore Roosevelt

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