VoIP Default Music is Hurting Your Company

Default Voip music

VoIP greetings can make a huge difference.

Are you still playing default music for your callers waiting on hold? Most VoIP systems supply a snippet of “music” that continuously repeats while callers are on hold.

It may be free, but at what cost? One of the more common comments we hear from potential clients is, “Our new system comes with music; it’s ‘good enough'”. Sometimes settling for ”good enough” can do more harm than good!


VoIP default music can negatively impact your business

Here are four ways that the standard pre-loaded VoIP music negatively impacts your business and turns away callers:

  1. No Messages:

    A caller can feel they are in “service limbo” when the music begins and just keeps on looping. A few seconds of this can feel like an eternity and callers will quickly assume that they’ve been abandoned.  Even a simple courtesy like: “Thank you for your call; we will be with you in a moment”, assures callers that there is progress. But why not step it up a notch by adding some messages? Let callers know about your products, company information, your address and hours, and why you stand above your competition. The result? Effective marketing and fewer hang-ups.

  2. Short Interval Times:

    Most default music that comes with VoIP systems is very short, and nothing marks the measure of time more negatively than something repeating over and over again. Although the time between the beginning and ending of the provided track is just a few seconds, by the 3rd repetition the caller feels that their time is wasted. Wouldn’t you hang up in frustration?

  3. Poor Quality of Default Music:

    Again, is free really better? The music that is provided is sometimes sub-par in style and substance. The poor quality reinforces that the call has been placed on-hold and in turn, accomplishes the worst result any company can want: annoyance and a hang-up. On-Hold Marketing programs offer customer friendly scripts and a great voice along with pleasant music at a very affordable rate.

  4. Same Industry/Same System/Same Music:

    Another pitfall of default music is that other companies with the same phone system have the same music. Sometimes this can be a competitor or an industry you prefer not to be associated with. Do you want callers inquiring about your product or service to make the mistake that you are connected to or under the same umbrella as another business?. Playing a professional and unique message for your callers establishes your identity and sets you apart from a business that is just playing the same default music.

Default VoIP System music

As the saying goes, you only get one chance for a first impression. Your business phone is more than likely the first contact you will have with potential clients, so why settle for an out of the box solution when professional VoIP greetings are the answer?

On-Hold Marketing can provide you with greetings, announcements and on-hold recordings formatted properly for any hosted and VoIP system. We make it easy, effective, and affordable. Contact us today; we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You have just made the investment in a state of the art phone system…isn’t your image too important to subject your callers to default music?
Learn more about professional VoIP greetings and all the products that On-Hold Marketing offers at www.onhold.on.ca/products.

Canned music is like audible wallpaper.” – Alistair Cooke

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