Why Your Vet Clinic Needs On-Hold Marketing

Vet checking out a cat

Having a professional greeting and on-hold telephone message is the perfect opportunity your veterinary clinic has to impress! Attract new patients, retain existing patients, set the stage for you, the veterinarian, and assure clients as to why your practice is the best choice for their pets, all while the caller waits on-hold.

When you’re busy attending to your clients on the phone or in your vet clinic, you may need to put your caller on-hold. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have an informative and entertaining program for them to listen to. It’s an effective solution that eliminates frustration while callers wait for you to answer their call.

An affordable advertising opportunity

On-hold messaging is an effective, affordable opportunity to advertise your business. Our scriptwriters will write the perfect script, geared specifically to your vet clinic. And once you choose the ideal music for the background, our professional voice talent will make it come to life.

We’ll let your clients, or potential clients, know that you care about the time they’re spending waiting for you to get to the phone.

  • Remind them about vaccinations and wellness exams. Inform them about flea and tick prevention and heartworm disease. Or educate pet owners with little-known but life-saving facts.
  • Include the answers to frequently asked questions.  Offer general information such as office hours, address and directions, and an emergency contact number for after-hours care for your fur baby.
  • Why not announce any upcoming events such as adoption days or nail clipping nights. Highlight special assistance that your veterinary practice has to offer.
  • You can even showcase your talented veterinarians and their accreditation.  Or let callers know about the services you provide which make you unique and a step above the competition.
  • Do you sell pet food and supplies? Your message on-hold is an opportunity to advertise what’s new or on sale.

Vet examing a dog with ownerPromote your website

Have a great website? Your on-hold message can give callers your web address so they can browse while they wait.
Hopefully, it’s never a long one. But in those rare instances where you’re especially busy, it’s reassuring to know you have a professional message in place that will have your back when you need that extra support.

Let your on-hold message convey to your callers that there’s no need to look somewhere else for their pet care needs.

Visit www.onhold.on.ca/contact for a free sample and quote and we will be happy to get you started on your professional on-hold message for your vet clinic.


The best doctor in the world is the veterinarian. They can’t ask their patients what is the matter – they’ve got to just know.” – Will Rogers




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