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01-19 Why Your Vet Clinic Needs On-Hold Marketing

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January 16, 2019


Creating The Best On-Hold Program For Your Vet Clinic’s Phone Line

Vet examing a daog

During those times when you’re busy attending to your clients on the phone or in your vet clinic, and you’re unable to answer calls coming in, having a professional message on the line will give you peace of mind knowing your clients won’t get annoyed or impatient waiting for you to answer their call.  Having a professional message backed by licensed music for them to listen to, is a great way to keep callers informed and occupied long enough that they don’t feel like they’ve been waiting forever.  On-Hold Marketing will help pass the time and give them some interesting tidbits about your clinic, perhaps some services you offer which they didn’t know about before, the longer hours on a Tuesday or info for emergency after hours care for your fur baby. 

Vet checking out a cat

Want to make sure your clients stay on the line while waiting for you to answer their call?   All it takes is a quick e-mail or phone call giving us the most important information you’d like to share with your callers… such as your location, hours of operation and upcoming events such as adoption days or nail clipping nights.  You can even showcase your talented veterinarians and their accreditation or highlight the services you provide which make you unique and a step above the competition. On top of reassuring your existing clientele, you’ll also impress potential clients that may be calling.   

Vet examing a dog with owner

Our scriptwriters will then write the perfect script for you, geared specifically to your vet clinic; and once you choose the ideal music from our vast selection for the background, our professional voice talent will make it come to life.  Do you sell pet food and supplies?  You can use this as an opportunity to advertise what’s new or maybe you even have monthly specials or sales that your callers should be aware of.  Give them your website too so they can browse while they wait.  Hopefully, it is never a long one but in those rare instances where you’re especially busy attending to your clients and their pets’ needs, it’s reassuring to know you have a professional message in place that will have your back when you need that extra support. Contact us at for a free sample and quote and we will be happy to get you started on your professional on-hold message for your vet clinic.

 – Isabelle


The best doctor in the world is the veterinarian. They can’t ask their patients what is the matter – they’ve got to just know.” – Will Rogers