The Power of Testimonials Is Astounding


Looking for a way to add a different flavour to your on-hold message? Maybe you’d like to include more creditably to your message. Or, maybe you’re looking for a way to add a bit of interaction with your callers? Then it’s time to consider inserting testimonials into your script; they can do more for you then you might think.

Social Proof

It’s common knowledge that people tend to follow others that are like them. In the marketing world, it’s called social proof or, in the world of psychology, informational social influence It is a phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behaviour for a given situation.

With the many callers, you receive during business hours, having them hear a few testimonials in your phone message can help “sway” the callers’ opinions of your service, product or company.


We have learned from an early age that if something seems too good, it can’t be true. Or with my luck, it won’t work for me. It seems that we are built to have objections to the overly positive marketing pitches that we encounter in our daily lives.

On the other hand, testimonials can be more acceptable and a great way to help people get over these objections. Testimonials show that the product or service can work for people just like us.

Avoid Fluffy Testimonials

What is a fluffy testimonial? “Your company is great and changed my life.” While these are great for company morale, they are not what customers are looking for. People are looking for detailed information; like who the testimonial writer is, what was their situation, and how has your company helped them. This information helps the listener to put themselves in the shoes of the testimonial writer.

Rating System

When choosing testimonials for your on-hold message use the ones that are detailed and show your business in the best light. If you can get their permission, it is even more credible when you can give the details of the writer. If possible use their full name, their company’s name, and their position in the company.

As you can see, adding testimonials into your on-hold phone message not only adds more variety to keep the attention of your listener, but it can help drive more business to your company, which in the end can only help your bottom line.


Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come.” – Ron Kaufman

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