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Use On-Hold to Educate Your Callers

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May 11, 2016
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When your phone rings, you know callers want a quick response, but in today’s world this is no small feat! Larger companies regularly deal with a huge volume of callers; it takes time to answer the influx of inquiries and to determine whom to redirect them to, leaving customers on hold for some time! We’ve all been there – even 10 seconds can seem like an eternity when you’re bored! Small businesses have a limited budget to employ staff to answer phones. There could be hours without a call…and then, as Murphy’s Law would have it, the phone rings off the hook, which means the majority of callers will be placed on hold. This leaves business owners with the costly dilemma of hiring more staff or losing business. But wait…there’s another cost-effective solution!  Subscribe to On-Hold Marketing.  At less than $2/day you can keep callers entertained on the hold line.

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On average callers are prepared to hold for 56 seconds says a study done by Dialogtech ( A minute’s not so long you might say – but time yourself…you’ll likely be fidgeting after 10 seconds! These 56 seconds can be a detrimental period for business, especially when you don’t have an educating custom phone message. It could lead to a loss of business, or even worse, an irritated client.


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The most effective way to use those 56 seconds is to make sure that you have a phone message that educates your callers. Here are some suggestions you might want to add to your message.

  • Questions & Answers: Why not answer common questions you often receive. There is a good chance that the next caller will have those very same questions; the caller will have their answer quickly and you won’t have to keep repeating the information.
  • Fun Facts: Everyone loves a good fact. It can be about your company or just a general interesting fact.
  • Behind The Scenes: Talk about what’s happening in your company or your industry that customers don’t see or know about.
  • Company Events: Inform your callers of up-coming events such as customer appreciation BBQs, charity events, and sales events. Celebrate employee’s birthdays or work anniversaries.


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It can be hard to decide whether you should have music to appease your clients or marketing tips….Why not do both!  With On Hold Marketing you have the opportunity to educate them on the “the ins and outs” of your products while listening to great sounding music! ‘NOT’ ELEVATOR MUSIC….NO THAT’S NOT ALLOWED!




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