Updating Your On-Hold Message for the Awakening Economy

The world is poised to experience the strongest growth in more than a decade as businesses significantly ramp up overall production to meet the global demand in our awakening economy. Advertising wisely is more important than ever to set your business up for success post-pandemic. So be sure to take advantage of one of the most inexpensive marketing avenues…your on-hold messages. Updating your on-hold message to take advantage of this awakening economy will help win positive reviews, solidify your brand recognition, and achieve sales goals.

Think you don’t have enough going on to create a new script monthly or even seasonally? Consider what makes sense for your business and what is working in the marketplace. On-Hold Marketing’s scriptwriters are always ready to help. To get started, the following 4 categories will give you some ideas on input:

1.    Web info and reviews

Websites are the modern-day business card and the media most businesses focus their attention on. Having your site show up on the first page of Google is every business’ dream, but with many advertisers vying for the top spot everyone can’t be on page one.

So why not give your site a boost in your on-hold message? Encourage your customers to type your company web address into the search engine. And keep your message up-to-date with a hint at this month’s specials and timely info. Advising callers of the great deals and helpful content you’re offering is the perfect way to let them know you care.

Then there are the all-important reviews. Because word of mouth is key! Your on-hold message is a great opportunity to subtly remind callers to provide a review.

Offering an incentive to visit your site with a simple “see what’s new” type message can be all it takes. And a great caller experience doesn’t hurt either! So let your hold message entertain them with engaging music and helpful information.

2.    Education and new product ads

Education can be an excellent way to introduce your products or services to a new caller. People who learn valuable ideas while they wait on-hold are much more likely to become customers. Here are some ideas:

  • Product Introduction: If you have introduced new products to meet new demands, use your on-hold marketing to tell callers about its features, benefits, and highlights. You can also note any special promotions or pricing.
  • Product Upgrades or Improvements: Introduce improvements or upgrades to an existing product. Your hold message can help educate callers on how it has changed and highlight its new features.
  • Product availability: Inform callers of the availability of any products that may be affected by current shortages. Offering solutions will be appreciated.

Of course, your on-hold message is not the place for details.  Think of it like a “trailer” that encourages the caller to ask questions when their call is answered. Or to get more details on your website.

Updating Your On-Hold Message for the Awakening Economy

3.    Toot your customer service horn

You’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring your customer service is the very best it can be. So let callers know and reap the rewards of excellent reviews! Each month your on-hold message can feature one of your extra special efforts that make your business shine.

For example:

  • More than ever, your customers want personal, expert advice. They want information or solutions to problems. So let them know about your staff expertise.
  • Customers are impressed when they see that you care. Let them know that you will follow-up with them after their purchase to ensure they are satisfied.  Assure them that you are interested in how you can continue to serve them.
  • Everyone wants everything “yesterday”. Quick turnaround is an excellent customer service feature to highlight in your hold message.
  • Even with re-opening authorization in place, safety protocol is still paramount to many callers. So inform them about your efforts while the rest of the world is working to get a handle on the pandemic.

Updating Your On-Hold Message for the Awakening Economy

4.    Company accolades

Earn caller trust, respect, and loyalty. Highlight achievements, awards, and education. Let callers know about any community projects your business is involved with.

But don’t make it a long boring list that has callers tuning out. Update your on-hold message with a monthly snippet that showcases one of the features that makes your business rise above the crowd.




For many more ideas and professional writing, contact your writer or send us a message and get started on an on-hold program that puts you ahead of the game with current and potential customers

Quote: “The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.”
― Kotler, Philip…the “father of modern marketing.” 



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