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Unique Canadian Words & Sayings

posted by Racquel Heron in "Trivia & Social"
June 27, 2019
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Canadians Have Developed Their Own Unique Words & Sayings

Icons of Canada

Over the course of our history, Canadians have developed a distinct dialect that separates us from our American neighbours and helps us recognize other Canadians while we travel abroad. Let’s have some fun and go over a few very Canadian words and sayings in honour of Canada Day.



Map of Canada in Red

Beavertails – A deep-fried, flat pastry shaped like a beaver tail topped with sweet or savoury toppings.

Bird Course – Is a class where you can easily achieve an A.

Canuck – A slang word for a Canadian.

Chinook – A brief warm, dry wind that comes from the Rockies during the winter.

Garburator – An under-the-sink garbage disposal unit.

Hooch – Homemade booze of any kind.

Hosers – Are individuals that are clumsy and oafish, due to constant beer drinking. It can also be a term of endearment too.

Keener – Students that sit in the front row of a class who ask and answer too many questions.

Loonie – A gold looking coin that has a Loon on one side. It represents $1 in Canadian currency.

Nanaimo Bar – A sweet made of chocolate, coconut, butter cream, and chocolate glaze that is layered.

Regale – Any handout or favour given at a party.

Shanty – A roughly and crudely built cabin or hut.

Tuque – A knitted, sock-like cap that is worn during the winter to keep heads warm.



Canadian Flags - Sayings

1. You can’t call this a one-horse town. The horse has left. (Boondocks)

2. That was well brought up. (Burping)

3. Eagles may soar but beavers don’t get sucked into jet engines. (Canadian Pride)

4. Would you jump into my grave as quickly? (Chairs & Seats)

5. He was gooned out of his tree. (Drinking Alcohol)

6. You think I came down with the last rain? (Naïveté)

7. Take off, eh? (Leaving)

8. That’s the cat’s pajamas. (Object that’s prized and used all the time)

9. Heading outside for a dart. (Smoking)

10. She’s a beaut. (Term of endearment)

Happy Canada Day

Nothing feels quite like home while you’re traveling until you hear someone speak words of Canadianism. It’s amazing how a group of regional words can bring a country together. Happy Canada Day!


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Your [Canadian] roots define you for all your life, no matter where you go, no matter what you do.” – Alanis Morissette