Turn Your On-Hold Message into a Helpful F.A.Q


Do you ever wish you could read minds?  When your clients or potential clients are on hold, waiting for someone to answer their call, ask yourself: “what would they like to know or have answered?”  Trying to guess what they might be inquiring about could be a great place to start when coming up with the perfect script for your On-Hold message.  Perhaps making a list of potential F.A.Q.’s would be a great first step to take and even asking yourself “what are the types of questions I might have when calling somewhere?” Basically, putting yourself in their shoes so that you could get them the info they need as soon as possible.

Maybe your client has a very quick question they need answered such as your address or hours of operation.  In this case, having these F.A.Q.’s answered to them while they are on hold could mean less time waiting and potentially freeing up the line for the more important or urgent requests, the ones only a live person could answer.  This could mean the difference between a client being satisfied, feeling their needs are met quickly and the frustration of waiting for someone to answer their query. This could also allow you to have more time for your other responsibilities.

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Sit and think for a moment… what are the questions you get asked on a regular basis – the ones easily answered in a few words and feel yourself repeating time and time again?  Would it be helpful to you if these Frequently Asked Questions could be addressed in a simple yet easy to understand script?  Using a professional voice with appropriate background music, along with a perfectly written script, customized to your business’ needs and clients’ expectations – is one of the most helpful tools in creating a satisfying customer experience.

Check out our F.A.Q. page where you will find answers to the most asked questions about On-Hold Marketing and our services. https://www.onhold.on.ca/frequently-asked-questions/

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