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Tips for Shooting Autumn Leaves

posted by Racquel Heron in "Trivia & Social"
August 28, 2017
Labour Day

Time is flying. September has already arrived and Labour Day is this weekend. Kids will be going back to school on Tuesday and before you know it, the first day of autumn will be here! It seems that autumn is the favourite season for many people. There are many reasons for this, from cool decent weather to pumpkin spice everything; new episodes of our favourite television shows to comfortable warm clothing; and of course, the beauty of the leaves changing colours.

As a serious amateur photographer, taking pictures of the autumn foliage is my favourite part of the Fall. After several years of capturing the autumn leaves on film, I have some tips that can help anyone who wants to capture that perfect photo to hang on their wall.

Autumn Leaves Dark Skies

Weather plays an important role. If you want to use the sun’s light only, shoot during sunrise and an hour after, or an hour before sunset. Direct sunlight gives your photos a harsh light that you will want to avoid. Overcast days are ideal. They give a soft and even light for your photos. Also, since the leaves are saturated colours, there’s a nice contrast against a dark sky. But overall, the best weather is cloud cover illuminated by sunlight.


Autumn Forest Path

Location is everything! You will want a place that has a great number of deciduous trees and plants. Both national and provincial parks are great locations to visit during the autumn change. Some excellent places across the country you might want to check out: Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia; Algonquin Park, Ontario; Laurentian Mountains, Quebec; and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Of course, just a bit closer to home…Muskoka, Ontario is my favourite place to shoot the autumn colours.


Puddle Reflection

Water can create a stunning feature for a great photo. Any type of water source can be magical in autumn. Large bodies of water can give you the opportunity to capture the refection of the leaves’ colours, especially when it’s that perfectly flat mirror. Use a slow shutter speed with a stream to add motion in a still shot. Water droplets can also add dimension to the leaves.


Red Leaf in Dark Waters

Close-Ups are another interesting and unique way to show off the autumn foliage. You can focus on a single leaf with a particular background, or a small group of leaves with the sunlight glowing behind them. Of course, there are other plants you can shoot that scream autumn. Cattails bursting into cottony fluff, mushrooms growing beside a tree, pinecones on the ground or pumpkins in the patch. Using close-ups really helps get the creative juices flowing.

If you are looking for more tips for your autumn shooting, I found a great article by Rod Planck. Just click on the link to learn more


On-Hold Marketing will be closed from September 1st at 1:30pm until 9am Tuesday, September 5th.  I know I will be using this extra free time to scout new locations for when the autumn colours peak this year!

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