The Importance of Music Breaks in On-Hold Messaging

The Importance of Music Breaks in On-Hold Messaging


The key for on-hold messaging is to keep the caller’s attention. If you are not already using the phone hold line as a tool for marketing, there is no better time to start than now! This is another avenue to promote your business, keep the caller engaged even when you aren’t there. Don’t let their attention wane, or even worse, lose it completely and have them to hang up the phone. Anytime a caller hangs up before you talk to them is a lost sale. Capitalizing on sales leads, leads to success! To make the most of this opportunity there are a number of tactics to maintain a caller’s attention and keep them listening on the phone until you answer. A great one is the use of music! This is the importance of music breaks in On-Hold Messaging!

Music Breaks On-HoldMusic on hold is a staple for business hold lines for good reason; it beats having dead air playing on the line and provides something for callers to hear. However, only having music on hold only holds the callers attention for so long. If the music is too repetitive or the song is short the caller will get bored, which can create a negative association in their experience with your business. The best way to avoid this is, is to also utilize the hold line to market to the caller!

Rather than have them listening to a music loop repeatedly, inform them about your current promotions or other important information to increase the chances of closing a sale. But don’t go overboard with the voiceover, as it can have the same problems as only using music on hold; too short and it can be repetitive, but too long can be tiring. Here’s where we can use the best of both worlds and combine voiceover with music breaks to introduce something fresh and new for the caller while they are on hold.

On-Hold Music BreaksMusic is a form of human expression. Depending on our mood, we might prefer to listen to certain types of music. All of the influences we have growing up create associations between music and our emotions. Think back to your teenage years listening to “break-up” songs to feel sad or dance songs to get you grooving, music directly effects our emotional state. This psychology can be used to your advantage by influencing the mood of your callers. In fact, there’s actually been research into this phenomenon!

Factors such as the volume, genre, and tempo (the speed of the music) all contribute to influencing a shopper’s mood, which can change their perception of your brand, products, and services. Think about how you want your customers to feel, but also how the music relates to their demographics and your brand image. We have plenty of different types of music you can use on your hold line, check out our samples to find the best fit for you!

The most effective use of the hold line is use it as both music on hold and a marketing tool! A combination of both music and voiceover on the hold line will keep a caller engaged, informed, and more likely to buy from you!

For many more ideas on how to use music in your On-Hold message to your advantage,  send us a message and get started on an on-hold program that puts you ahead of the game with current and potential customers!


“Most people use music as a couch; they want to be pillowed on it, relaxed and consoled for the stress of daily living.”  –Aaron Copland


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