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Ten Fun Facts About Easter Eggs

posted by Racquel Heron in "Trivia & Social"
March 27, 2018
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Easter is this weekend! Most people will be spending time with family, decorating their homes with bunnies, colouring eggs, and having Easter egg hunts for the children. Eggs are everywhere during Easter!  Since we are eggstactic about Easter eggs, here are 10 facts about them!

Coloured Easter Eggs

1. The Ukrainian art of painting eggs is called pysanka. The method uses wax and dyes to colour the egg.

2. Churches used to have a tradition that resembled a game of ‘hot potato’. The priest would toss a hard-boiled egg to one of the choir boys. The egg would be tossed between the choir boys and the winner was the one holding it when the clock struck 12.

3. During this holiday, more than 91.4 billion eggs were produced last year in the USA alone.

4. The state of Florida held the largest Easter egg hunt in 2007 with 9,753 kids searching for 501,000 eggs.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

5. Workers at the Cadbury chocolate factory in Brimingham, UK, who make the famous Cadbury Creme Egg produce 1.5 million egg delights a year.

6. The tradition of giving eggs at Easter can be traced back to Egypt, Persia, Gaul, Greece and Italy, who saw it as a symbol of life.

7. The largest chocolate egg ever produced was in 2011 in Tosca, Italy. It weighed 15,873 lbs and had a circumference of just over 64ft.

8. The Araucana chicken is also called the “Easter Egg Chicken” because it lays natural blue, green, pink and brown eggs.

Faberge Egg

9. In 2007, a Faberge egg was sold for 9 million pounds.

10. An average kid will receive 8.8 chocolate Easter eggs each year. That is double their calorie intake for the whole week.

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