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Whaaat – the phone’s not working! I’m going to lose business. Who should I call?  Your first go-to company is probably your telephone service provider, (such as Bell, Rogers, etc).   Chances are they’ll say sorry we cannot help.  Panic sets in. Now what?

4 reasons why it is important to have your telephone fixed quickly:

  •  Despite the internet’s bid for dominance, the telephone is still King.
  •  Customers appreciate the opportunity to get information from a live person.
  •  Every call is important and chances are, a missed call means a lost sale.
  •  Consumer confidence – customers still like knowing there’s a human to help them if they ever have issues.

Your telephone technician is your best friend. And, if you don’t know who that might be, ask On-Hold Marketing at or check online. Type in the name of your Telephone System and look for an interconnect company in your area.  If you check their social media feeds, you can usually find a telephone technician with a good reputation who can help you with professional service and advice. The majority of phone technicians have a reputation for being quick and efficient at booking appointments to service your phone system.


Once you’ve found your lifesaver, remember put their contact information somewhere where it will be at your fingertips should you need service again, so your issues can be resolved quickly to get you back in business right away.

Do remember that if your phone system has been around since before the advent of cell phones, the cost to fix may not be worth it. Before the tech comes out to pay you a visit, let them know the make and model of your phone…it may save you paying an unnecessary service call. Interconnect companies can recommend systems that will work for you and many offer both new and used options to fit your budget, plus innovative features you may not have thought possible.  While you are looking into this, also ask them to make sure the system has a MOH (music on hold) feature so you can continue to provide a positive caller experience with music and messages while they wait on hold.

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” – Steve Jobs


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