Uploading the new production file

USB LoadUSB Load

Saving a new production to the memory stick (USB key):

  • On-Hold  has sent you an MP3 file with your new production
  • Take the memory stick out of your On-Hold playback unit (in your phone room)
  • Copy the new production onto the stick  (Do NOT save the file as a “shortcut” and do NOT re-name the file).
  • Re-insert into your on-hold unit.
  • Have someone call in and place you on hold to ensure new message is playing and the volume is good.
  • The Memory stick (USB drive) must be in the On-Hold Playback Unit in order for the message to play over the hold line

Need help?

Watch the video below, or follow the step-by-step instructions underneath.

How to:

  1. Save the MP3 file to your computer (right click onto the attachment and save in a folder).  (If you are using a Gmail or Hotmail account, please make sure to “download” the production first)
  2. Remove the Memory Stick from the On-Hold playback unit (OH Unit) – located in your phone/electrical room.
  3. Insert the Memory Stick into the USB port of the computer where you saved the MP3 file
  4. Double click on My Computer, click on the Removable Disk/MOH Drive. Delete previous on-hold message from the Removable Disk/MOH Drive. (Right click on production and click delete)
  5. Copy the newly saved message onto the  Memory Stick (right click on new production, click send to and click on Removable Disk/MOH drive)
  6. Remove the Memory Stick from the USB port of the computer.
  7. Insert the Memory Stick into the OH Unit.
  8. The new message will start to play in about 5 to 10 seconds.

Don’t hear the message on your hold line?

  • is the power cord plugged into the on-hold playback unit and into a power outlet?
  • if you’re using a power bar, is it on?
  • is the audio cable plugged into the OH unit and into the MOH port of your phone system?
  • is the volume on the back of the OH unit positioned at 12 o’clock?
  • is the memory stick in the unit?
  • is there a message on the memory stick?

If you are experiencing difficulties, please call us at 1-888-466-4653  

CD LoadCD Load

Loading a new production:

  • Press the Open/Close button (below CD drawer.) Remove the CD from the tray and save it in your archives should you wish to re-use it at a later time.
  • Insert the new CD sent to you by On-Hold Marketing (with your new production) into the tray of the On-Hold CD Player
  • The CD will begin to load itself into the flash memory of the unit.  You can verify that it is loading when the green light in the bottom right corner changes to a flashing amber light.
  • Once the production has finished loading, the amber light will return to green.  The production is now playing.  (You can listen to message via internal monitor speaker by pressing the monitor button.)

Remote LoadRemote Load

Production load is managed remotely from our studio, including volume adjustment.  Please give us a call: