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Summer Is On Hold, But It Is Coming I Think!!!!

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July 5, 2017
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Rain, rain go away, come again another day…Weekdays while we are at work, rain is acceptable…Weekends while we are enjoying time off, it should be placed on-hold. We are all going to remember summer of 2017 as the wet summer.  2016 was remembered for its’ humid, hot weather, which caused our flowers to wilt, grass to go brown, and watering was not allowed per our city/town because of shortage. 


People have a lot of issues with rain, it can cause some problems:

  • sports tournaments being cancelled
  • vacations being ruined
  • all-day rain keeps you indoors
  • Thunderstorms and high winds are short-lived, but leaves you in a mess
  • Puts people in a bad mood (nothing better than a sunny day)
  • Makes people late for work (traveling is much slower)

Unfortunately, it can cause much bigger issues as well.

ground, plant, rain

Agriculture: The showers has continued into June and the farmer’s crops are getting ruined. Please refer to the below link to hear about one farmer’s concerns.


Bugs:  All the showers is also bringing lots of mosquitoes. There are so many bodies of water lying around that they are multiplying quickly.  They are not only annoying but can carry a virus called West Nile, which can be a big health concern.


Flooding: Flooding is occurring, which is causing damage to people’s property/homes and roadways.


Accidents: The roadways are very dangerous when they are wet. Possible hydroplaning, impaired vision due to heavy storms, and much more…People should change their driving habits according to the weather, but most don’t.


Work: Financial problems occur, companies who provide outdoor work services, cannot have employees work under heavy rain/storms. The work does not get completed, money does not come in.

april showers and may flower

There is an old saying “April showers bring May flowers”.  At this point, we have had so much rain continuing into July that our beautiful flowers and crops will soon be floating away.


  • Donna

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton




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