Solutions for Busy Dental Office Phones

Looking for solutions for your busy dental office phones?

With lockdown lifted, dental practices across the country have finally reopened for regular dental and hygiene appointments. The energy and expense involved to ensure your effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 has surely been enormous.  These measures have likely also reduced the number of staff available to help run the office.  There are solutions for managing office phones.

busy dental office phone solution

Let On-Hold Marketing help by maximizing the efficiency of your phone system. With professional messaging you can cut the number of routine questions that your receptionist is being asked, while at the same time reassuring your patients that your office has taken all safety precautions.

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Here are some examples

of what you could include in your automated greetings and hold line messages. It’s the perfect solution many dental practices use for their busy office phones.


Solutions for busy dental office phones

  • Let callers know your hours of operation and how you manage appointments.
  • Provide details on new office procedures to allow for social distancing and safety such as:
    • Limited access to the office for patients only.
    • Mandatory masks and sanitation stations.
    • Pre-screening via phone calls prior to treatment.
    • Health questionnaires.
  • Inform patients about safety measures and precautions you’ve implemented.  For example,
    • How many patients and staff will be in the office at the same time? 
    • Has everyone in the office been tested for COVID-19? 
  • Let callers know about your upgraded hygienic equipment
  • Highlight your enhanced sterilization measures
  • Do you allow patients to wait in the waiting room? 
  • Explain why waiting for an appointment might be a bit longer than usual.

We know your efforts are unique to your practice.  So, why not engage the expertise of our scriptwriters. We will create copy that is informative, engaging, and tailored to your specific dental practice.

Take advantage of this very efficient and cost effective enhancement to your customer service! Let us make your phone work for you today!


Add some life to your phone system

We can help you add some professionalism to your auto-attendant system or better market your special offers to callers who are waiting on-hold.

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