Professional Business Audio


Some people think that companies don’t need a voice or sound…

We beg to differ.

It’s a well-known fact that in order to look like a professional company, you need to sound like a professional company. That’s where we come in.

On-Hold Marketing Inc. can provide professional business audio for many applications including:

And so much more…Really, the sky’s the limit.

So, whether you’re looking to welcome your callers professionally, emphasize key points, add pizazz to your newsletter, or keep your website engaging, take it to another level with Professional Business Audio…1-888-466-4653…we can do it quickly, efficiently, and  affordably.

Power Point

Giving a slide presentation is a huge responsibility. Whether you’re advocating a new idea to colleagues, teaching a new product or trying to persuade clients to buy into your proposal, a properly designed slide presentation evokes an effective call to action. Every slide you make is a chance to make your project look appealing. It’s a reflection of your brand’s image and credibility. Let us add the finishing touch with audio that makes your presentation shine.


e-learning…the latest form or education for your staff, or your customers…what a great idea! So many people simply retain information better when they have a chance to see a slide presentation or video…and have someone explain each segment. 

Make it easy on yourself… let On-Hold Marketing professionally record your  narrative. It’s a very affordable option that eliminates hours and hours of your time. Your viewers will thank you for the clear, pleasant voice that helps them “get-it”.


Spice up your newsletter with sound! Give your subscribers a break; let them sit back and enjoy listening to your information.


What attracts surfers to your site? Take the leading edge by adding sound! Make your site stand out above the crowd with voice-overs, music and sound effects! And, if your business lends itself to tutorials, a professional voiceover will make all the difference. Add a little or a lot – it’s up to you! Give us a call – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective and affordable it really can be!