Why you need On-Hold Marketing Services

Picture this.

A potential new client has just Googled your company…
They have some questions about your company, or your products/services that your website can’t answer directly.

They decide to give you a call.

The last thing they want to hear is an unintelligible greeting, followed by silence…or a long, confusing, boring list of instructions, telling you to press this and that, only to finally get put on-hold to silence on the line, beeping, or awful music filled with static.

That’s not very professional.

Chances of converting a caller into a customer pick up dramatically with On-Hold Marketing services.

Not only will you give your caller a GREAT and PROFESSIONAL first impression…you’ll provide them with useful information and instill an immeasurable sense of confidence in your products / service.

Whether you’re a small start-up company or a big corporation, we can provide you with customized, professionally-created on-hold messages and user-friendly recordings for your telephone menu system.

You can trust us to get it right. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, for thousands of companies across North America and around the world.

At On-Hold Marketing Inc. we include everything you need:

  • the on-hold production(s) 
  • the playback equipment or .wav file and 
  • all studio costs

What is an On-Hold Marketing Production?

  • phone consultation with a knowledgeable writer
  • a professionally written script featuring 6 to 8 “spots” or paragraphs
  • licensed music mixed between each spot
  • your choice of music and talent from our web demos
  • automatic reminders to let you know when it’s time to update

Plus, a friendly, knowledgeable team member ready to answer any questions you may have.

The scripts

Your subscription includes custom programs created just for you by our professional writers. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll professionally create your new production. We will change as much, or as little, as you want:

  •   all of the content…or just some of it;
  •   just the music;
  •   just the voice talent…
  • OR… all of the above!

The music

Did you know you require a license to play music in public? Did you know telephone hold lines and your web site are both considered public performances?

We’ve got you covered!

On-Hold Marketing takes care of all the legalities and we ensure your callers will enjoy real music… music that’s right for the unique needs of your business, not a 10 second repetitive, synthetic version. We have a large library to choose from with ever-changing samples for you to listen to on our demos. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just talk to your scriptwriter for additional selections.

  • Relaxed…Fun…Classy…Contemporary…Sophisticated … whatever your goal, On-Hold Marketing’s music, together with skilled script writing, professional voice talent and the latest production techniques, will ensure that your hold line sounds professional.

The voices

Our broadcast-quality professionals can provide an extraordinary range of reads, including: upbeat and energetic, friendly and neighbourly, authoritative, humorous or confident. 

By putting quality voice talent to work in your business, it’s easy to ensure your telephone system, multimedia presentation, or corporate audio programs portray a professional representation of your business. Have us record not only your on-hold productions but also your automated attendant, voicemail menu, IVR system, web site, e-learning slides and power point presentations. Click here for a demo.

Our studio

On-Hold Marketing boasts a state-of-the-art production studio, experienced producers and knowledgeable engineers on site to keep your brand representation consistent and professional…

No matter what kind of telephone system you have, On-Hold Marketing produces results with the highest fidelity possible for your target format. If you have questions about a particular format, contact us. We are constantly updating our technology to better serve you!

Update Reminders

On-Hold Marketing works best when you keep your production fresh, but we know that remembering to do so is not always on top of your to-do list, so we provide regular reminder e-mails and phone calls to ensure your message sounds perfect.  Since no one knows your marketing needs better than you do, we’re happy to tailor these reminders and your up-dated productions to your marketing plans.

On-line help

On Hold Marketing provides excellent script consultation, as well as FREE technical support, either by telephone, or via our support page where you’ll find loads of information on frequently asked questions

Our people

On-Hold Marketingquality products + quick turnaround + exceptional customer service!

  • On-Hold staff is always ready to help with any questions
  • Professional scriptwriters will turn your information into copy that reflects your business goals
  • Technicians are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm ET to troubleshoot technical issues
  • E-mailed reminders to let you know it’s time to update your messages
  • Scheduled calls to all locations on the plan ensure optimum quality to impress your callers

The playback equipment

On-Hold Marketing is pleased to offer a variety of top quality, professional, playback equipment options to meet your specific preferences. Should your On Hold playback equipment fail due to normal wear or manufacturer defect while your subscription is up-to-date, we’ll ship you a replacement absolutely FREE.  Click here for details.

And yes…On-Hold services are  VoIP compatible!  There’s no need to subject your callers to 10 seconds of music with the same few bars repeating over and over.  Just ask us for a .wav file in the format best suited to your VoIP system, or have us get in touch with your telephone technician to discuss.