Professional recordings on your phone are a valuable sales tool!


Customers are looking to do business with people they know, like, and trust.   And of course, a key factor in building loyal customers is excellent customer service. Have you considered the impact your phone can have? That’s right, the telephone is an often overlooked tool right at your fingertips. In fact, an efficiently programmed phone not only consistently provides high quality, clear information to your callers; professional recordings on your phone system can also be a valuable sales tool.

Subjecting callers to silence, beep or repetitive “music” is not going to attract repeat customers. Nor will that net high-quality referrals or keep callers engaged.

On the other hand, value-added information on your phone system is a bonus that callers will appreciate. A fact that’s especially true for trades people. On-Hold Marketing provides the professional telephone recordings that can help retain your customers and increase your profit. So, contact us today and let our professional writers, talented voice artists and engaging music impress your callers.

How will professional recordings help with your customer service?

Professional recordings on your phone are a valuable sales toolThese subtle sales strategies are bound to increase sales:

-Innovative ideas on your hold message inspire the caller

-Value-added how-to information shows you care

-New product tips make life easier for your customer

-Directing them to great deals and information on your website helps customers appreciate your business

An efficient menu, IVR or voicemail takes away frustration and makes a great first impression !

 Sprinkle your programs with a direct sales approach

Professional recordings on your phone are a valuable sales tool

Feature your company

Tell your callers what sets you apart from other suppliers or distributors in the area.

Mention products or services unique to your company

Highlight your expertise

Showcase your talented and experienced staff members

Feature testimonials, business accolades and more

Advertise your sales specials

Promote an event or a new product

Achieve a positive caller experience.  Win loyal customers who generate repeat business and positive reviews. Inexpensive and easy-to-use, that extra little touch that professional phone recordings add, can make all the difference.

On-Hold Marketing is the perfect solution for any phone system. So, contact us now. We’d be pleased to create a custom program for you.

“Customer service is the new marketing”.  Derek Sivers, founder and former president of CD Baby

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