Professional On-Hold Messaging is Better than AI!

Professional On-Hold Messaging is Better than AI!

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is quickly taking the world of business by storm. Now more than ever, people are turning to new technology to make their lives, and jobs, easier. Today, AI is becoming increasingly capable at replicating human speech and writing, and naturally, many businesses are using this as an opportunity to minimize costs associated with professional On-Hold messaging.

At On-Hold Marketing, we use real writers and real voice announcers to provide clients with the best product possible.  A.I. might have the benefits of convenience, but there are a number of reasons why we believe that real people are, and always have been, the best choice.

Writers Do More than Just Writing!

On Hold messaging better than AIWriting is more than stringing a sentence together. Although A.I. writing looks like the real thing, it has yet to master the subtle, yet extremely important parts of the general writing process. A.I. doesn’t understand tone, regional speech or phrasing, and all of these are important details in on-hold messaging, as they all improve the caller experience.

With real life experience interacting with businesses and being customers, real writers have a better understanding of what a script needs to successfully represent your company and keep callers informed. And, unlike with A.I., they are available to answer any questions you may have about custom on-hold messaging both over the phone and by email.

Friendly Voice, Better Business!

On Hold Messaging Better than AIQuality audio has a bigger impact on business than many realize. Callers conduct business with their ears first, and there is nothing more off-putting than the sound of a robotic voice. A.I audio recordings can mispronounce even the most basic words, and reads monotonously.  A voice that is obviously inhuman is not only impersonal and often low-quality, but it also creates a sense of mistrust towards your business and its people.

A professional voice announcer is much more personal, and is able to understand inflections, word emphasis, and pronunciation keys. Professional announcers also work closely with writers and audio experts to ensure quality recording, providing businesses with messages that are free of mistakes, and providing callers with a friendly welcome.

While new technology is exciting and can certainly be useful, A.I. does not yet have the same skill and reliability as professional writers and voice announcers.

For over thirty years, On-Hold Marketing has been providing our clients with quality on hold and auto attendant messaging – created by people, for people. Contact us today to see the difference that real writing and audio recording makes.


“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.”Steve Jobs


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