A consistent voice

Make sure your brand is on point across all facets of your marketing message

It’s a well-known fact that in order to look professional, you need to sound professional. On-Hold Marketing can provide professional business audio for many of your marketing and training efforts.



Put your best foot forward by adding professional audio to your PowerPoint presentations.

Explainer Videos

Videos are a great way to explain difficult concepts or unique propositions to prospective customers.


Providing online training for your staff helps educate new recruits, and keep employees' skills up to date.

“I just want to mention that the recordings and voice quality was excellent. The project lead was extremely happy with how everything turned out.”

PowerPoint presentations

Giving a slide presentation is a huge responsibility. Whether you’re advocating a new idea to colleagues, teaching a new product or trying to persuade clients to buy into your proposal, a properly designed slide presentation evokes an effective call to action.

Incorporating music, voice overs, and sound effects into your presentation makes it shine that much more. With On-Hold Marketing’s wide range of voice talent and professionally licensed music, anything is possible.

Make sure your organization has a competitive edge by creating a presentation that is memorable.

Explainer videos

When done right, video can be a great way to capture your customers’ attention and explain concepts that might be new to them.

Using an explainer video – a short, 60 – 90 second clip – provides a high-level overview of a particular topic. Let On-Hold Marketing save you hours and hours of tedious  work with audio recorded by professional talent.

Whether animated or live action, you’ll keep the viewer’s attention, and help them follow along.


Studies have shown that many people retain information better when they have a chance to hear the narrative of the information they are being taught.

Having someone explain each segment in a clear and concise step-by-step manner helps minimize confusion and increases the learners’ attention span.

On-Hold Marketing can professionally record your narrative. It’s a very affordable option that eliminates  repetitive training in person, over and over again.

And your viewers will thank you for the consistent and pleasant voice that helps them “get-it”.

Add audio to your corporate presentations

If you want your videos, presentations, and learning material to really shine, let On-Hold Marketing help you design a soundtrack to your marketing efforts!

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