Create a positive caller experience

Hold time can be both enjoyable and profitable to your business

Take full advantage of your hold line

A great on-hold message is an invaluable marketing tool that can enhance your business success. Customers judge your company based on their contact experience – in person and on the phone!

You’d never allow an awkward moment of silence in a business meeting, so why treat your callers any differently? Even just a few seconds on hold can make a difference in a caller’s perception of your business.

Show appreciation to your customers

  • Ensure that all customers are greeted professionally
  • Focus on making customers feel appreciated and important
  • Direct callers to the right place with an easy to use menu system
  • Provide your customers with a helpful and positive experience

“The staff at On Hold Marketing continues to be a pleasure to work with. My relationship with Chanel, and the other On Hold associates, is going on 14 years now. She and her team epitomizes the essence of professionalism.”

Benefits of on-hold messaging

A well-scripted on-hold message is valuable to your business

Educate your callers

Knowledge is power – let your callers know about your products, services, and the current promotions that you have going on

A great first impression

Those first seconds are critical to your callers’ perception of your company, so put your best foot forward and reassure them you're the right choice

Reduce hang-ups

Studies have shown that giving your callers something interesting to listen to keeps them on the line up to 65% longer

Up-sell your customers

Market your products to existing customers at a fraction of the cost of other advertising media

Targeted marketing

With an On-Hold Marketing program, your message plays directly to an audience already motivated to learn more about your company

Boost your sales

A captive audience gives you a chance to let callers know about upcoming promotions on products or services that can save them money

A cost-effective way to increase sales

Looking for solutions to stretching your advertising dollar just a little further? Marketing on-hold is the most inexpensive target marketing solution you’ll find.

Whether you’re a small, family-run business or a burgeoning multinational enterprise, the advantages of on-hold marketing are too significant to ignore.

Every one of our packages offers unparalleled value for your marketing dollar and there’s a plan that fits within your budget and reflects your needs.

Compatible with all phone systems

Our on-hold messages work, no matter what type of phone system your business is using. We can create custom messages for:

  • VoIP phone systems
  • PBX phone systems
  • Traditional landlines
  • Mobile phones

Just let us know which system you are using; we’ll provide the right format and free phone consultation that help make installation and setup a breeze!

On-hold messages work

  • Most callers preferred on hold messages to silence
  • Most callers placed on “silent hold” estimated their on hold time to be more than double the actual time
  • Almost half of first-time callers who hang up do not call back
  • 70% of all business calls are placed on hold for an average of 45 to 60 seconds – that’s hundreds of hours of valuable advertising time each year
  • Callers will remain on the line for up to 65% longer when listening to helpful information

Consider the alternatives

Maybe you don’t think you need on-hold messaging and music? Perhaps one of these options is suitable for your business:

  • Complete silence
  • Annoying beeps
  • Repetitive music
  • An off-station radio (playing a competitor’s ad)

We suspect that you wouldn’t want to listen to any of the above when calling into a company, and neither will your customers.

Make sure your message is heard!

Improve the quality of your customers’ telephone experience and take advantage of a valuable marketing opportunity at the same time.

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