Phone Etiquette Boosts Back-To-School Business Success!

Phone Etiquette Boosts Back-To-School Business Success!


With the pandemic still impacting everything we do, brushing up on the ABCs of phone etiquette can help boost sales. “Back-to-school”, the 3 little words that have always spelled business success, are being met with mixed feelings this year. For parents, it means more uncertainty.  Focus has shifted from usual back-to-school prep to health and safety concerns. For businesses counting on record sales during this normally bustling shopping season, it means using every marketing tool available just to stay afloat.

Phone Etiquette Boosts Back-To-School Business Success!


So toot your own horn about the safety measures your business has implemented. Advertise the additional high demand products you may now offer, such as hand sanitizer and face masks.  Let customers know that doing business with you makes their lives easier.

A quick, easy and inexpensive way to do that is by making the most of the power of your telephone hold feature.


At On-Hold Marketing, our team of professional writers can create engaging scripts designed for back-to-school business success. But, as a business owner or manager the first step is to make sure employees consistently apply company phone policies and best practices.

Get to know the hold button.

Does everyone at your company know how to use your phone system to its full potential? The hold button is an invaluable marketing tool, so it makes sense to ensure everyone is comfortable using it.  Putting the phone to your chest to muffle the mouthpiece so you can speak among yourselves is definitely a faux pas.  Not only will the caller hear potentially negative comments, it is a sure sign your business is understaffed, a clear confidence buster. Plus you’ll be missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

Implement a professional on-hold program

Now that staff is ready to push that hold button, a professional marketing and music program will make all the difference.  Let On-Hold Marketing help you craft marketing messages that convey how shopping with you is convenient. We’ll help you win the attention of worn-out consumers. For example we can let callers know about your fast delivery or curbside pickup,  your convenient pre-selected supply bundles, or even your mobile shopping app.  Your hold line should let callers know everything you do to make it easier for them to shop for supplies and services.

Because students have far more sway than parents want to admit to, big business buys into the potential reach social media can offer, going so far as to create campaigns via Tik Tok.  So, it’s more important than ever to let your callers  know that your business offers the latest trends for back-to-school success. Your hold message and professional phone approach can help with that! After all, parents’ budgets are tighter than ever. So let them know that you’ve got their back; that you offer everything their child needs to ace the academic year not only at competitive prices but also with local support.

Here are a few more phone etiquette tips:

Phone Etiquette Boosts Back-To-School Business Success!

Learn to use the transfer button effectively by letting callers know it may take few moments to connect to the person who can help them.

Smile when you talk to customers; it makes a detectable difference in your tone of voice, so make sure that your team sounds happy to talk to customers.

Don’t use the speakerphone – multi-tasking may seem efficient, but background noise is extremely distracting and unprofessional.

Answer after the first few rings if you can. Even if it’s just to put the caller on hold while you finish speaking with another customer. And, if you can’t…be sure your phone system has professional greetings to direct the caller to other options.

The COVID-19 crisis has created a highly competitive marketplace where every brand is vying for customer attention more than ever. How you use your phone can play an important role in boosting back-to-school business success! So contact us today and let’s get started.

“Education is the most powerful weapon to use to change the world”… Nelson Mandela


Phone Etiquette Boosts Back-To-School Business Success!

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