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On-Hold Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

posted by Tony Asta in "Tips & Info"
September 23, 2019
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4 Ways Your On-Hold Script Can Drive Traffic to Your Website!

Businesswoman on the phone

If you take a look at an office desk you will notice a few things.  Of course your pencil and pen holder, a coffee cup, some paperwork and maybe one of those cool metal ball things that clack back and forth. Most importantly, you will notice the two most important tools of any office desk.  Your phone and your computer!

During an average workday, a worker’s focus will more than likely be split between these two members of the productivity arsenal.  It makes total sense in this world of multi-tasking, that during a wait On-Hold, your focus will be clicking away on that close-by PC.  This is why hold time can also be important website time, increasing traffic and helping your site to rank higher in the ever-elusive SEO world!


Your website is an important business investment, so using the marketing power of your On-Hold script to steer people there while they wait is an absolute must!  Here are four things you need to mention in your message to get people to your site and generate that valuable traffic.

1. The Time Savers

TIme & Money

The old business saying is true.  Time is money.  Anything that could save time and get someone the valuable information they need is as important as mentioning your address and hours.  Have an online chat feature on your site? Perhaps a contact form that will be seen right away, or maybe a line card that a client can download? Have you developed an app that a client needs to download? Let callers know these are close at hand by visiting your site and get the ball rolling and increase their productivity.

 2. Add Your Social Media Information Multiple Times

Social Media Icons

There is no better way for a client to get a better idea of what is happening at your business than having them check out your social media.  Adding your social media information multiple times in your On-Hold script is a great way to drive callers to your current tweets and posts. After checking out some relevant and important information, not only will you generate some new “likes”, you will turn a caller into a follower.

3. F.A.Q./A.S.A.P.


One of the most important things today when selecting a company to work with is the ease of doing business.  This means getting the information you want in an easy and efficient manner. Adding that you have a F.A.Q. or extensive Knowledge Base to your On-Hold script, so waiting callers can research any possible instant solutions or answers while they wait for a representative.  This will lead to a client being more informed before a call is being attended to, making the call shorter, easier and less frustrating for not only the client but also the representative attending to their call.

4. Testimonials and Reviews

Online Reviews

Confidence in any business is an affirmation to any current or potential client and an endorsement can make all the difference. As well as adding an impressive quote to your On-Hold script, you should point any callers to sites where they can find reviews or testimonials to convince them that they are in the right place and dealing with the right people.  That Yelp or Google review could be the thing that solidifies their choice in your company while they are waiting for the call to be picked up.

Online Traffic

Using hold time to drive callers to your website makes good business sense. These two powerful marketing tools in harmony can create an experience that will make sure that you are providing customer information and service second to none.

 – Tony


These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.” – Brian Clark, founder of