On-Hold – The Best of Times or the Worst of Times for Callers?

On-Hold – The Best of Times or the Worst of Times for Callers?

Being placed on hold is an unavoidable part of business. Often, having to wait to speak to a person is a frustrating experience in itself, and it only becomes more irritating for a caller if they have to listen to low quality, repetitive music, the radio, or silence for a long period of time.

Professional On-Hold messages can help alleviate these negative feelings and create a more positive experience for callers overall. Here are some of the reasons how:

On Hold TimeProfessionalism

A custom On-Hold message demonstrates that a business takes customer service seriously and values their time. Providing callers with quality music and information creates a positive impression during a time that normally feels wasted. In contrast, using the radio, default music, or just silence can make callers feel forgotten and provides no value. A business that goes above the expectations of customer service is the one that keeps customers calling back.

On-Hold timeReduced Caller Abandonment

Did you know that 70% of callers will hang up within 60 seconds if they hear silence on hold? Of that group, 35% won’t call back. Custom On-Hold messaging shows that you care. Providing customers with informative audio, such as promotional offers, gives callers something to occupy their mind while they wait. On the other hand, repetitive, low quality music or generic radio is not only boring, but is grating on the ears, which leads to call abandonment.

Improved Brand and Sales

Many don’t realize that their hold line is an excellent marketing opportunity. The time a caller spends waiting can be used to benefit both parties by reinforcing business brand and values, promoting services, and spotlighting available products. It’s a great time to remind customers why they chose to call you and not one of your competitors, and as an added bonus: they’ll think about everything your business has to offer, and many will make inquiries based on the information they were listening to.

Businesses that prioritize customer service are the ones that maintain success over a longer period of time. Treat your callers right and they will keep returning. Professional on-hold messages benefit the caller and the business and strengthen the connection between them.

Time on hold doesn’t have to be a negative experience. When used to it’s full potential, your hold line can provide your customers with useful information, and provide you with more business. Contact On-Hold Marketing today to get started, and make one of the worst of times the best of times!


“Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest resource is your time.”Brian Tracy


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