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On Hold Marketing Inc. and Audio Marketing in 2020


Audio for business phones has definitely come a long way, and we have encountered a great deal of change in our 30 plus years in the industry.

We have seen the comings and goings of loop tapes, cassettes, c.d.’s, tape carts, digital carts, memory cards, flash drives and countless different audio formats for on-hold and IVR messaging.

Now, with the prevalence of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and hosted phone platforms, the audio marketing game has evolved yet again.

Audio Marketing has become the new direction in optimizing your business phone to work extra hard to showcase your image and achieve your branding and marketing goals. With the advent of a VoIP phone system or hosted telephone platform, the tools for maximizing these important aspects of your business have never been better or easier to implement.


In the world of marketing, your website may be the billboard for your company on the information highway, but most definitely, your phones are your front door. Who or what is answering that first call? A client’s first impression is based on this initial contact.  Utilizing the high-quality digital capabilities of a VoIP system to its full capacity with a professionally recorded menu that makes navigating your options a breeze, and an entertaining message with music when you have to put callers on-hold will encourage callers to give your brand a 5-star Google review for a positive phone experience.


One of the most significant benefits of audio marketing is the education of callers and the promotion of your products and services. Silence is not beneficial to anyone in the situation of wait time. So using the phone system to deliver promotional messages is an advantage to both caller and company. After all …“time is money”.


In a world of incredible competition, standing out from your competition is vital.  Audio marketing gives you a unique opportunity to establish a specific personality or “brand” to your business.  A professional voice that is consistent throughout all audio applications creates confidence and continuity, and in turn, exudes professionalism.  Your distinct voice, music, and scripting will set you apart and provide you with a sound that is unique and identifiable as your company.


Creating messaging that speaks to the caller profile by using the advanced tools of a VoIP system along with professional audio can simplify ­the call process by pinpointing a caller’s needs.   This could include choosing the department they are looking for, details on what a customer may need on hand to complete an order, an ACD that gives directions and opening hours to free up a receptionist from repeating the information, or On-Hold messages customized for each department. In fact, relaying any repetitive, promotional or educational information is easily achieved in the new wave of business phone technology.

Audio Marketing

We all know customer experience is paramount. In today’s world of easy-access competitors on a Google search, brands need to make the most of every advantage to attract customers and maintain loyalty.

On-Hold Marketing would be pleased to assist you in your audio marketing campaign.

It’s true, we have seen the industry greatly shift over the years, but one thing will never change…the quality of our product and the way we serve our customers.

Our primary goal is to take our years of experience in technology, professionalism, and creativity, and apply it to accommodate the evolving needs of our clients for the next 30 plus years.

Take a moment to browse through the products we offer or give us a call so we can provide a sound solution for your business audio needs.

As we evolve with the ever-changing audio marketing industry, we will always be dedicated to the foundation that built On Hold Marketing: quality, service, and value.” – Bill Coville, President, On-Hold Marketing Inc.


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 NOTE: On-Hold Marketing continues to be available for your phone system recording updates including COVID-19 messages. Read More