On-Hold Helps with Creative Business Communication

We’d all love to go back to “business as usual”.  But the reality is that in unusual times we have to come up with unusual marketing ideas, including creative business communication.

Regardless of how your business has changed, the need for effective communication between businesses and their customers is still number one.

On-Hold Helps with Creative Business CommunicationCompanies need to use every channel available

In our new reality in order to survive, businesses need to come up with new, creative ways to reach and connect with their customers to help them stay informed.  In addition to web updates, those businesses are using phone greetings, hold messages and social media to share important information.

On-Hold Marketing can help with professional recordings.

Inform callers know about your hours adjusted to accommodate extra cleaning. Promote products, specials and sales with a focus on current needs, and if that means re-configuring your products and services to fill a niche, that’s important information that your callers need to know. It’s often the only way to keep your head above water. Our team has extensive experience with writing creative business communication scripts.  We look forward to creating phone messages that speak to today’s environment.

Put your callers at ease with the right message for your company

On-Hold Helps with Creative Business CommunicationWhether you typically receive a high call volume or are experiencing a higher than normal amount of calls, it’s inevitable that you will need to put your callers on-hold. Which means, those precious calls can quickly backfire unless you have something interesting playing on your hold line.

On the other hand, if your business is temporarily shuttered, chances are you will still be receiving phone calls. Be sure you have a greeting on your phone that directs customers to your website where you can publish complete details and address their concerns.

Let the expert script writers/editors at On-Hold Marketing create the perfect messages for your phone system today.  You’ll be surprised at how little it costs and amazed by the positive feedback you’ll get from your customers. Contact us  now and let’s get started!


 “Communication works for those who work at it.” –  John Powell

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Add some life to your phone system

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