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Office Halloween Party Planning Tips

posted by Racquel Heron in "Trivia & Social"
October 30, 2017
Halloween Office party

Carrie and I are huge Halloween fanatics. So, we were more than happy to take over planning the Halloween celebrations at On-Hold Marketing. Over the last 7 years, Carrie and I have turned our office into a spooktacular extravaganza for Halloween and our coworkers love to participate in the fun. At this point, we would classify ourselves as expert Halloween party planners. Here are a few tips to help you turn your work place into a haunted office.

Halloween Themes


Since Halloween can be a little overwhelming at times, it helps to pick a theme for your party that helps set the mood and guides you to focus on everything you will need for the party. Carrie and I have had a theme as simple as orange and black to more elaborate themes including haunted house/vampire. We like to go with darker themes for our parties, but there is nothing wrong with picking a lighter theme for your party. It is important to pick a theme that you think people in your office will enjoy.

Halloween food


Depending on your budget, you can have your party catered or have a potluck. Carrie and I like to do a potluck for a couple of reasons. It’s a way for everyone in the office to get involved with the party. It also gives your co-workers a chance to show off their cooking and creative skills. Plus, people get the chance to try food they might not otherwise sample.

Halloween decor


A Halloween party isn’t a Halloween party without scary/spooky decorations to transform your office into a place of horrors. Collect decorations for the party but also don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers if you can borrow decorations from them. Turn off the overhead lights and light candles and jack-o-lanterns. Play spooky music to add to the atmosphere of the party. Here is a great site to help you get ideas for your décor

Witches Hat Ring toss


I always enjoy planning the games/contests for our Halloween party. Our contests have ranged from costume to jack-o-lantern design to trivia. We also pick games that will get people up and moving or working in teams. And don’t forget the prizes for the winners of the games/contests.  They don’t need to be extravagant.


Remember to bring a camera to the party to take pictures of the set-up, the food, the costumes and the games. Afterward, have the photos printed and post them on your office bulleted board for everyone to view and have a good laugh.

party planning witch

I hope these party planning tips help you host a successful Halloween party for your coworkers this year!

Happy Halloween

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