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May 24, 2019
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Your On-Hold Not Working, We Can Help With Technical Aid

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Yikes!  Though it doesn’t happen often, when it does happen….no need to worry, your On-Hold Marketing technical team is here to help.  Whatever the problem…..we’ll help you get your on hold message back up and running in no time, and our online support is always free!  

Technical support

What kind of issues have we encountered over the years? Perhaps this one sounds familiar… “You’ve loaded your new production from our email put the drive back in and now nothing is playing on the unit”.  Usually, this happens when the file that we sent to you was renamed at the receiving end.  A no-no to be sure, but hey, it happens – we don’t judge, we just fix. 

How about this one?  My production sounds static-y.  An annoyance for sure… the solution?  A simple adjustment to the volume control at the back of the unit will get rid of that distortion in a jiffy. 

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Once in a while, we’ll receive a call asking us what to do when the message is not coming across a hold-line, but the unit itself seems to be functioning normally. This issue can arise if some type of work has recently been done on your phone system, or, you’ve had a power outage or brownout at the location causing the music on-hold function to be switched off.  When the system is rebooted after such an incident the default setting kicks back in with either silence or a beep tone or default music.  Again, the solution is simple….just a quick call to your phone provider, asking them to switch your line back to the music on-hold (aka “MOH”) setting and voila, your message will once again be heard on your hold line.  

Technical Support

Should you happen to experience technical difficulty with your On-hold message, we’re always ready to help our customers. There are a number of ways that you can get in touch with our technical team; you can reach us by phone at 1-888-466-4653 (that’s 1-888-4-ON-HOLD), send an e-mail to, or fill out our contact form. You might even find answers to some of your technical questions by looking under the “support” section on our website or by visiting our YouTube channel at

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When you sign up with On-hold Marketing, free technical support is just one of the many benefits included with your On-hold subscription.  We offer customized, professionally created on-hold messages, professional voice talent options, fully-licensed music, playback equipment and wav files, easy payment options and much more! All for less than $2 a day. Let us set up the perfect plan for you today!


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