How Do I Get On-Hold on My Phone System

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Everyone has heard music and information while waiting on hold. But how do you get the on hold messages onto your phone system?  Basically all you need is a telephone system with an activated music-on-hold (MOH) port… that’s it!

How do I know if my phone system has a music-on-hold feature?

Find the audio input or connection on your phone system that enables you to connect the patch cord of On-Hold Marketing’s music on hold player. If you currently have music, a beep or the radio playing when callers are on hold, you likely have MOH capability.

What is a telephone system?

Firstly, what it is NOT is a regular “home” phone with a handset that you can carry around. A business phone system, also referred to as a PBX or KSU phone system, is generally not available at an office supply or big box store. It is usually sold via a local dealer or interconnect company. You will require a professional technician to install, setup and program the system.  The system is usually a panel on the wall of a utility area where all the office phones are connected. The M.O.H player plugs into this system as well and can often be connected by anyone via a simple plug-in; however, in some systems the player needs to be punched down to a wiring block. In this case you would need a visit from your phone tech. You may also require some minor programming to “turn on” the music on hold feature.

Where do I find my phone system?

Look for your phone system in a utility room where all the lines come in for your phones and computers. Locate the Key Service Unit (KSU) and try to find the music on hold (MOH) port by checking the KSU for an input jack or screw terminals marked “music”, “external music” or “MOH”. If you cannot find this port, check with your telephone system provider (not the phone company from which you get monthly bills for phone usage) and ask them if your system is equipped for M.O.H. They should be able to give you an answer right over the phone and, if it is not, they may be able to upgrade it to allow the feature.

What if my telephone system resides externally; i.e. VoIP…cloud…etc.,

Voip/cloud system

Most VOIP phone systems will be able to playback an on-hold message. IP Phone Systems can serve multiple branch offices from a single physical location.  M.O.H content plays by either loading a .wav or MP3 file directly into the system by you or your VoIP provider, or if the system has an external input, an on-hold player can be connected. The second option is preferable since on hold players play continuously, ensuring that callers won’t be subjected to the same on-hold content each time they call.

To learn more about VoIP systems and their benefits for your business read our article about VoIP systems.

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