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May 25, 2016
Warm Spring Park day

Many things bring people together… especially when the warmer weather comes back to Toronto…Good food, good drinks, the Raptors in the playoffs, the start of a new season for the Jays, and my personal favourite – music.

Music is my life

You can’t deny the importance of music in our daily surroundings. Whether you’re cruising in your car and an awesome throwback starts playing on the radio; at the ACC and the Raptors take the court to the vibes of Drake; or you’re eating out with friends and one of you still hasn’t seen the latest Carpool Karaoke session with James Corden and Gwen Stefani…music brings people together.

blank music bars

Now…imagine complete silence in all those situations. How long would your daily commute be? How boring would those games be? How awkward would your conversations be with friends? Terrible right?! Music can bring back memories, hype up a sold-out stadium, and so much more.

music and the mind

On-Hold Marketing understands the importance of music. We know that silence is not always golden. We boast an incredible archive of literally – hundreds of different music pieces to play in the background while you have a customer on-hold. Silence on-hold can confuse the caller into believing you may have hung up on them, whereas music and a customized script written by our scriptwriters not only assures the caller that assistance is just moments away, but can probably answer the questions they have or promote other products and services while they’re waiting.

music copyrights

Many people don’t realize this but playing the radio on the line could actually get you in trouble with the “music police” like Socan. Companies that play the radio on the hold-line do not have the licensing or rights to play each piece and can face fines and more. To learn more about Socan, check out our past blog at  Not to worry though – On-Hold Marketing’s music is 100% licensed so there’s no way you can get in trouble!

Discover more today and fill that silence!

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