Music, Moods, & On-Hold Messages


Choosing music for your On-Hold message can be a challenging task. Music has the ability to affect our moods and our behaviours. It is important to choose a music piece that best fits your industry and clientele but you also need it to be catchy and entertaining.

Music styles

On-Hold Marketing has 7 music genres to choose from and each one will give your On-Hold message a unique and different feel. Let’s listen to a few samples of the same On-Hold script with different background music choices and hear the difference.

First is a sample of an On-Hold production with classical music.

Classical music is known for effecting cognitive processing abilities and calming the savage beast. Give it a try in your next On Hold production and find out if the “Mozart Effect” is really true.

Jazz music with its syncopated rhythms can be very upbeat and conversational.

You will be sending out good vibes with this music in your next On-Hold production.

Contemporary music can be very stress-releasing and positive.

Try this genre of music in your next production and rate its effectiveness on customer relaxation.

Country music is best known for great storytelling and heartache.

Country music in your next On-Hold production could leave your customers tapping their toes.

Corporate music can give callers a very powerful feeling.

Pump up your callers with corporate music in your next On-Hold production and empower them to do great things.

International music often sounds celebratory and optimistic.

Let your callers have a moment in paradise before they talk with you. It can be very uplifting in your next On-Hold production.

Modern music makes people feel relevant.

This music is sure to put a smile on your caller’s face.

Our extensive library offers just what you’re looking for

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Each of these On-Hold samples has a different style and moods.  Don’t be afraid to try a new music genre in your next production. Tap into your creativity and feel the music!

Please note: the music demos on our website are just a sample of the music pieces On-Hold Marketing has to offer.  We have an extensive music library that is being updated frequently.


Music is the soundtrack of your life.” – Dick Clark

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