More On-Hold Music or Less…the pros and cons of music

Music or no music?

This is a frequently asked question when it comes to programming your phone system.  And the answer is not straight forward.  There are a number of factors to consider.

On the one hand, we all know that music inspires, entertains and has a positive influence on our emotions. In fact, most people turn to music to both relieve stress and celebrate success. The right music can also set the stage for your on-hold messages and enhance the appeal of your products and services.


On the other hand, background music can compete for attention and make instructions more difficult to understand. Our brain needs to suppress the irrelevant noise in order to hear the important message and that takes an effort. When it’s difficult to understand, we automatically tune out.

More On-Hold Music or Less?

The menu tree and music

Auto attendants are meant to empower the customer to select where their call should go quickly and efficiently. When instructions are not clear, the intended convenience for your caller to reach the desired department ends up in frustration. Simply hitting “0” is the easiest solution. So, unless the music is a well-known jingle and part of your brand recognition, it’s best to leave your menu tree unencumbered, easy to understand and a quick route to getting your caller to their goal.  Why not check out  our auto attendant feature for more info!

More On-Hold Music or Less?Marketing and music on-hold

A music feature for your hold messages though, is sure to enhance your caller experience.  In fact, one of the main attractions for an on-hold program is the music. Of course, that doesn’t mean a few bars of generic music over and over.  In order to get the best marketing value, a combination of music and crisp messaging is paramount.

How do you eliminate the conflict between music and speech?  Professionally recorded programs will fade down the music during speech and restore it up for a short break before the next marketing message. A complete 4-to-6-minute loop will produce the best results.

But, even when your system does not allow for an external device on which to play the file, most systems can be manipulated to achieve a comparable effect.

More music or less?

The final question is how long those music interludes should be. The general rule of thumb is about 10 seconds between each marketing message.  However, all businesses have different needs. So, when you have longer hold times, more music will be more entertaining for your caller. And, when your hold time is shorter, keeping the music to a few seconds will ensure that callers get a chance to hear your marketing message.  On-Hold Marketing’s writers will help you find the perfect mix.


In short, the best solution is to create a professional auto attendant with a great voice recording that efficiently prompts both your prospects and customers.  Then enhance corporate branding and perception with an entertaining on-hold program featuring effective marketing messages complemented by engaging music interludes.  Contact us now and take advantage of this cost-effective marketing opportunity today.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato


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