Managing Appointment Calls with Professional VoIP Menus

A professionally recorded phone tree helps callers and staff! 

Did you know that managing calls with professional VoIP menus can improve your caller interaction during these unpredictable times?  Do your customers now need an appointment? No matter how much you modify the ways you interact with callers, deliver services, and streamline procedures, custom messages on your VoIP phone system can be a definite asset.  Menus can provide the flexibility for you to adapt and keep your business afloat through effective communication with current and future customers.

Managing Appointment Calls with Professional VoIP MenusVoIP menus can improve caller experience

In a perfect world you’d be available to answer questions or set up an appointment every time a call comes in.  After all, it’s the best way to make your clients feel secure and more apt to do business with you. But, especially now with everyone required to schedule an appointment, you may need a little extra help to retain that much needed business.

VoIP phones are designed to be programmable with an effective menu.  Intelligently designed options will strengthen customer relationships with valuable information and enhance customer communication so that you increase efficiency when trying to schedule that huge influx of appointments.

Professional Help is Worth Every Penny

But, this is not a DIY project. Be sure to have your menu recorded by a professional studio.  When you choose On-Hold Marketing, the premier On-Hold service provider in Canada, we’ll help you optimize opportunities. Remove stress…by creating a menu that automatically gives callers valuable information so that streamlining appointment scheduling is easier for both your customer and your staff.

Managing Appointment Calls with Professional VoIP Menus

On-Hold Marketing offers an all-inclusive service at a minimal cost. And, our professionals are experienced in writing engaging scripts while staying focused on the important information.

Menu trees will be clear and concise yet always friendly so your caller feels that you value their call … no mumbling, no background noise, no details delivered in an unintelligible rush.  And you can be confident that customers won’t mind being placed on-hold. Because, ensuring that your message sounds upbeat is what we do best!


Impress your customers with helpful and actionable information at every call.  Contact us now and let us help make your phone system an asset in managing your calls.


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