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What makes a Great On-Hold Production?

posted by onhold in "Tips & Info"
March 26, 2014
  • Keep your listeners (mentally) tuned in longer than they usually would with interesting facts, new products, current sales, upcoming events, etc.
  • Include regular refocus moments by keeping your information short and adding frequent music breaks.
  • Provide your caller with a relaxed audio experience, so people actually listen (and keep on listening).
  • Silence gives the caller a signal to hang up!  Make sure your on-hold production is seamless.
  • Divide your ads into small segments. Press the caller’s ‘mental reset button’ at one-minute intervals. Looking at today’s busy lifestyle and many distractions, you might even want to recapture their attention every 30 seconds – with a catchy music break.
  • To keep listeners hooked and make a natural transition from one genre to another, you can ask a question. Interesting questions are great teasers to keep people tuned in, by creating a desire to know the answer.
  • Of course you want your voice to sound professional; balance that with authentic natural talking people to make your hold line and your ads sound more human.
  • Certain phrases in your paragraphs should acknowledge your recognition of the caller’s valuable time and your sincere appreciation for their call. (“Your call is important to us; please be assured we will be right with you”).

The team at On-Hold Marketing  will ensure your on-hold production is perfect in every way!

– Ursula Mueller, Hons.BSL


“A change in sound is a great ear catcher to reset the audience’s attention span” – Thomas Giger