On-Hold Marketing Jargon – Remix & Re-Read

jargon - remix

Jargon – special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group. They are unique to the industry and often difficult for others to understand. Unfortunately, jargon words can even be different within companies of the same industry, including the on-hold industry.

What does “remix” mean?

The word we are going to focus on first is remix. It is used in the audio world when any changes (such as adding, removing, and/or replacing audio pieces) need to be made. There are many reasons a song may need to be remixed. For example, adapting or revising a song for radio or nightclub play. It could also involve improving the fidelity of an older song. Or improving the demo mix to ensure a professional product.

Oops! Did that special not take place after all? Did you run out of the product? Or, maybe the Sunday picnic got canceled! Does your best client (or your boss) want the music changed? At On-Hold Marketing, a “remix” can mean that we edit out portions of a script. If the cadence works and we do not need to hire talent for recording, we are happy to offer remixes to our clients.  The good news is that we may only need to charge a minimal studio fee.  Or, if the change you need is minor,  we may be able to do it complimentary.  In any case, if the remix means that you would like to change the background music from one piece to another, it is usually free.

What is a “re-read”?

When the cadence doesn’t work which means the inflection is incorrect, we need to re-read the script. This means  we have to hire your talent again to record the new section. This would also be true for changes to the script; the talent will re-read the entire script.


We are happy to process any requests for a “re-read” from our clients. But, the process involves paying the talent again. It also means we need to use all of our resources (studio time as well as an audio engineer, editing staff and proofreaders).  In most cases this will be considered a new production.

In order to avoid the extra time and cost involved in a re-read, we always send scripts to our clients before the copy is sent to the studio. So, be sure to take the time to read your script carefully. Verify that nothing is missing or incorrect. By completing this step, you eliminate that need for a re-read.

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Incomprehensible jargon is the hallmark of a professional.” – Kingman Brewster, Jr.


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