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Every industry comes with its own jargon words. What does a continuous loop actually mean? A lot of people are confused and have questions about just how our On-Hold playback units work. Many people believe that the message or production always starts at the very beginning whenever someone is put on hold and stops when the person is no longer on hold. When the next person is put on hold, the message starts at the beginning again. People tend to think of it as a line with a start and a finish.

Think of it as a circle with no beginning and no end

But this is, in fact, not true when your system is set up with an On-Hold playback unit. These units play the message as a continuous loop. So, think of it as a circle with no beginning and no end. Callers placed on hold will hear whatever happens to be playing at any point during the message. The message on the playback unit continues to play even if no one is on hold.


This is something to keep in mind when you are planning your script with our scriptwriters. If there is an important piece of information you want to tell your callers, make sure it appears a few times in your script. That way callers are much more likely to hear it. You also might want to consider including a second greeting in the middle of your script, but that depends on the length of your production…or how long callers typically wait on-hold. The scriptwriting team at On-Hold Marketing will be happy to discuss your copy to ensure your message on hold has the greatest impact.

What is the advantage of a continuous loop? When you have repeat callers, they will hear a different message each time they call.

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History is about loops and continuums.” – Mike Bidlo


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