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Is Hold Time Costing You Customers?

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April 12, 2016

The pressure has never been higher for businesses to be at the top of their game, every day.  On-Hold Marketing can help you retain callers and your company’s reputation!

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The goal for every business is to acquire and then keep customers. Doing those two things consistently, and doing them better than the competition, is no small challenge. In fact, the effort generally cost a large chunk of the budget and many hours of time. Yet, many businesses lose customers every day through the simple act of putting them on hold to listen to silence, radio static, a repetitive beep or a tuneless melody.

poor caller experience

Studies show that one of the fastest ways to lose a customer is through a poor call experience. Consumer expectations are extremely high these days and the competition is often only a click away, so just one unpleasant phone experience can make them take their business elsewhere.

So, you might say, “instead of putting customers on-hold, why not channel them to the self-service option of the internet? Not only is it low cost, customers love the 24/7 access to instant information”.

hitting a wall

But what happens when a customer “hits a wall” with self-service and needs to escalate to a phone call?  A live person conversation is the most preferred channel for anything other than a “Simple Inquiry”.  But, having the requested information immediately on hand, and sufficient trained staff available at all times, especially during peak sales events, can be a challenge in more ways than cost effectiveness.

bored callersAnger caller

When callers are bored or annoyed they lose patience quickly and hang-up. Each abandoned call is a bad memory for that customer; it may be the final straw that sends them to a competitor. Or even worse, when a caller is frustrated, the risk is not only to that relationship, but to the company’s online reputation as well. Social media has empowered customers to publicly vent with minimal effort.  Unfortunately the effect of a single negative experience can drag down a company’s brand for months.

the right piece


A cost-effective solution to improving this source of customer dissatisfaction is an efficient greeting menu and a professional and entertaining interlude while callers wait on-hold. A great on-hold message can go a long way towards reducing caller abandonment by improving caller experience and making hold time seem that much shorter. Increase your chances of retaining even a frustrated customer with On-Hold Marketing. And an unexpected or impulse sale resulting from your marketing messages can be an added bonus that improves your bottom line as well as customer satisfaction!

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