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Interesting Facts About Queen Victoria

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May 19, 2016
Queen Victoria & Canada Flag

This weekend all of Canada will be celebrating Victoria Day weekend. It’s the first long weekend to take place during warmer weather making it the unofficial kick-off to summer. Of course, we should all thank Her Royal Majesty Queen Victoria for the day off in order to honour her birthday. Queen Victoria was a very interesting individual herself. Here are some facts you might not have known about the long serving Queen.

Fun Facts

1. Queen Victoria wasn’t very tall. She was barely five feet tall. That didn’t stop her from having an outspoken nature and imposing reputation.

Queen Victoria Wedding

2. At times Queen Victoria could be a modern woman. She was the one to propose to her husband, Prince Albert. It was her uncle who encouraged her to pop the question. Their marriage was full of passion, as she wrote in her diary “Without him everything loses its interest.”

Queen Victoria Family

3. Queen Victoria was very familiar with single mothers. She lost her father before she was one year old. She lived with her mother but that relationship turned sour as Victoria grew up, to the point where she exiled her mother to a distant set of apartments. Prince Albert passed away in 1861, leaving her a single mother to 9 children.

4. Hemophilia is known as “Royal disease” because of Queen Victoria. She was the first known carrier of hemophilia. Sufferers of hemophilia, a genetic disorder, can bleed excessively since their blood does not properly coagulate, leading to extreme pain and even death. She lost a son and 3 grandsons to the disease. Her descendants spread the disease to other royal families in Europe.

 Queen Victoria assassination

 5. Assassination was a strange bed fellow for Queen Victoria. It has been noted that at least 6 serious assassination attempts were made during her reign. 5 of those attempts were when she was riding in a carriage. Good news, all the assassination attempts on her life failed and she lived to the good old age of 81 when she passed away of natural causes.

 If you want to learn more about Queen Victoria check out her Wikipedia page.


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Happy Victoria Day!

Victoria Day

We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.” –  Queen Victoria

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