It’s Important to Cost Compare

Cost Compare

Remember that one voice telling you “always do your homework”?  Fast forward to your work office and that same advice is more important than ever. Before entering into any kind of business agreement, take the time to compare prices, product quality and customer support before agreeing to any contract. It’s all about making the most educated decision for your company.

Everyone hated the aggressive traveling salesman who came to town and said whatever it took to make the sale, refusing to leave before the dotted line had been signed, then “bye, see ya” (or not). Some companies say whatever they need to in order to close a sale. Big promises….very little care or support…and probably mush more than you needed to spend.

Below are some tips to help you COST COMPARE when choosing an on-hold provider!

If you feel you are too busy to search on the internet or call around…make that time or have someone else do it for you. It could save you lots of time, money and effort in the long run. Look for a price range that fits the company’s budget. And beware, paying more money does not translate into a better product.  Compare apples to apples; what are you actually getting for your money? Do you really need, or want, those extras? Are you actually going to use them?

Business meetingBefore you sign that agreement with just any on-hold message provider why not give On-Hold Marketing a call. We’ve been providing professionally-recorded on-hold messages for over 30 years, so we have the experience. Plus, we’re local! We’re Canadian-owned and operated, which means we have a great response time, and quick turnaround for all recordings. Everything we do is custom-tailored for your business. Even our prices reflect the program that best meets your business on hold needs.

One of the most important considerations is to make sure that you’re working with a well-established business; that you can access your on-hold rep when you need them; that their studio is able to accommodate deadlines and, that the writers and support staff look out for your best interest. Researching a product first will give you the confidence that you’ve made the right choice.

Discover how using your hold line as a marketing tool at is great for your bottom line and your budget.

When you are led by values, it doesn’t cost your business, it helps your business.” – Jerry Greenfield

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