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The Importance of Infographics

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March 20, 2017
What is an infographic

Infographics is probably the hottest word in the web industry right now. So what are they exactly and why do we need them?  First, let’s discuss what infographics are.  The word “infographics”, is the combination of two words….information and graphics, so quite simply put, an infographic is a visual image, such as a chart or diagram, that is used to present information quickly and easily.

Infographics are

Let’s say for example, that the information you are trying to put across to your customer is of a more complex nature; often the utilization of an infographic will help your reader to process the information more quickly and easily. Or, if the topic you are writing about happens to be somewhat boring in content (yikes!) a well-placed infographic beside your text will hopefully captivate your reader and motivate them to continue reading.

Benifits of infographics

On a personal level, throwing an infographic into your daily texting or tweeting is probably not going to do that much for you – emoticons will probably serve you better.

But, on a professional level, infographics can speak volumes.

  • To start with, studies have shown that the brain actually processes VISUAL information 60,000 times faster than text.  
  • Secondly, studies have also shown that when people hear information that’s presented with a visual image, 65% of that information will still be retained 3 days later, as opposed to a measly 10% being retained when presented without a visual image.
  • Furthermore, it’s also been shown that visual content is 40 times MORE LIKELY to get shared on social media versus other types of content.
Fast moving

Moreover, in today’s fast-paced world, many of us want our information intake to be immediate, fast, and simple to comprehend. In other words, we want instant gratification.  As a result, companies now have very little time to deliver their message on-line. 

stop watch

Sadly, according to statistics, the average visitor will only spend a whopping 15 seconds on your website before moving on, so infographics can have a strong impact on your reader/visitor in a way that text simply cannot.  


So, now that you know about the “what” and “why” of infographics…let’s discuss the where and how.  Where can you get them….and, how can you use them? Due to their huge increase in popularity, there’s no shortage of online tools out there for creating infographics. This link should help in getting you started.

How to make infographics

The “how”, is really up to you and your inner creative genius. If creativity isn’t your thing, check out this creativity-boosting link:, or, if you want an infographic that REALLY stands out, it may be worth your while to hire an infographic designer to do it for you. 

So there you have it. When it comes to improving your online presence through social media networks, infographics promise to be THE marketing tool of the future.  Be sure to try it out today!

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Kids should learn how to read and create graphics from a very young age. Most kids are natural-born artists, as we humans are a visual species. We should take advantage of that, as graphics and illustrations can be such a powerful weapon for understanding and communicating.” – Prof. Alberto Cairo





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