How to Sharpen Your On-Hold Game!

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Your On-Hold Marketing productions and updates are a lot like the internet. It’s all about good content! Your business’ and client’s needs are always changing, so tailoring your production’s information to accommodate their needs is a must. To make the most out of your On-Hold productions, here are a couple of tips to “Sharpen Your On Hold Game” you should consider, when providing information to our scriptwriters:

  1. Answer your F.A.Q’s

You know what the most common questions that are posed once someone at your business picks up the phone. What are your hours? Are you open Saturdays? Where are you located? What’s the best way to get there? When you answer a client or customer’s question quickly and easily and free up time repeating these questions, On-Hold time becomes productive time.

  1. What’s New?

Things are always changing. Of course, mentioning a new product is a no brainer when it comes to your message, but what else is going on at your business? Do you have a new technician who has added many years of experience to your company? Is there a new account representative who has joined the team and is eager to assist the caller? Do you have a brand new fleet of trucks or a new on-line order feature that can expedite products quicker to your customers? These are all great ways to connect with your clients and let them know that your company is always moving forward.

  1. Make things easier for everybody.

Would the caller having certain pieces of information ready when you answer be helpful to them, as well as you? Like a credit card number, customer code, part number, reservation number or discount code? On-Hold time is a great time to inform the caller of what they need to make the call smooth and easy when you get back to the line. It creates an easy transaction for both people on the line and improves the customer experience. Who doesn’t like easy?

  1. Use it to build traffic to your website.

Like most desks, your PC is right next to a phone. There is no better time to inform a caller of any online services you have while they are waiting On-Hold. Mention your website and any special features that your website provides often in your production. This will ensure that these two forms of marketing are working hand in hand.

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These are just a few tips to “Sharpen Your On-Hold Game” and, as always our scriptwriters can help you craft the perfect production for your needs. As well, visit our sample page at to choose just the right announcer and music to make your new On-Hold production perfect.

You need to create ridiculously good content. Content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired.” – Ann Handley


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