How to Create a Perfect Customised Phone Menu !


The easiest way to create a perfect customized phone menu that leaves a positive impression of your business is to contact On-Hold Marketing! Calling your business phone number could be the first glimpse your potential customers have of your business; our team will make sure it’s professional and polished.  Check out our product page for ideas and tips.

A well-designed automated menu is a valuable asset.

The good thing is that modern technology has made implementing an effective auto attendant almost intuitive. Most systems already have the framework set up with factory defaults. So, all you need to do is edit a few parameters. A simple call menu (also known as an auto-attendant, phone tree, or IVR) allows your callers to choose a department, team member or connection to reception.  And, we’ll provide an audio file in the right format for your system ready to upload.

Your auto attendant can be as complex or as simple as you design it. Always keep in mind that the goal of your menu is to help your customer, which means the prompts should route your caller to the right team member as quickly as possible. Best practice is to offer just a few options, sticking with the familiar (0 for reception; # for repeat etc.), and keeping the scripting consistent.  Like a voicemail greeting, a good menu prompt immediately gives your callers clear choices to get the help they’re looking for.

The right style for your business

That doesn’t mean though, that you should stick with boring. Let us help your business stand out by making your recordings sound unique. Most systems will also allow you to add detail in a submenu with more choices to narrow down the customer’s reason for calling.  Menus can be basic, upbeat, fun, or formal. Your business brand will determine what style is the best fit in order to create a perfect phone menu for your company.  And if you’re not sure, just ask our experienced writing team to help.

Regardless of the style that works for you though, these tried and true tips will help ensure that your menu is successful in avoiding frustrated callers…a no brainer when it comes to helping your business grow.

Less is more in the main menu

An automated menu is often the source for caller frustration, but it it’s done right, your phone menu can add much value for both the business and caller.  Callers have neither the time nor the patience  to listen to a huge list of detailed options and will appreciate getting what they need quickly. On-Hold Marketing can help create engaging  messages  that are short and to the point.

Create a Perfect Customised Phone Menu

Stay true to your company brand

The phone greeting for your business is just as important as the welcome mat at your front door.  Your script dictates the tone and attitude of your greeting.  Do you sell the latest tech gadgets, or does your business help families in need?  Do you want a fast paced, energetic and fun read, or a slower, serious and calming read?

Add branches off the main menu

The trick is not to create too many options in your main greeting. Use sub-menus to add more details and always keep those menus relevant and concise.

 Selecting the right voice is key

Hiring a professional voiceover artist will ensure your prompts are delivered in a relaxed and even tone resulting in a pleasant experience for your caller.  Whether you prefer upbeat or formal, On-Hold has choices that work with your brand at a cost that’s easy on the budget.

 Personalize your scripts

Cookie cutter messages are OK…but why not make your script totally original to address the questions or issues your customers call about.

A perfect customised menuAbove all, test to make sure it works

The most annoying thing that can happen for a caller is going through menu options and then getting hung up on. Nothing says  “your business is not important” more than having a phone menu that doesn’t work.

We all know that client satisfaction is key to growing and maintaining a successful business. Answering every single call is the best way to achieve this; however, reality has left businesses understaffed and team members dealing with busy schedules.

On-Hold can help streamline your phone system with a professionally recorded call flow, or menu, that efficiently routes callers to the right team or delivers important messaging to customers.  Contact us today!

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