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Recently I was at the check-out counter at a spa; there were several other customers behind me, some of them getting rather impatient. Then the phone started ringing, the receptionist picked up the call, identified herself and said “I just need to put you on hold for a moment”.  She frantically tried to get my credit card processed. When the call rang back she became rather frazzled and tried to ignore it. Finally, she picked it up, said hello, and then hung up.  Exasperated she told me “no-one there…that takes care of that!”

Phone calls are a sales opportunity

Too many small businesses see phone calls as an annoyance rather than an opportunity. Don’t underestimate the value of that phone call…a result of your hard-earned marketing dollars. Even when you’re run off your feet, a ringing phone means your marketing efforts are working!

Give yourself a break! We have a solution to the dilemma. Put your caller on hold, but give them a memorable experience, something interesting to listen to, something that’s good enough to post.  Now you’ve got a sound return on your investment…a happy caller…who’s just posted their positive experience with your business on social media.

How do you create that positive experience?  On-Hold Marketing will write a perfect script that’s emotionally engaging and memorable; a script that generates trust.   A professional voiceover artist will deliver the message with the most impact. Then we’ll enhance the power and relevance of the message with some toe-tapping, energizing or relaxing music. Visit our resources page to learn more about getting your own memorable phone message on your hold lines.


Of course, even if your customer is not likely to write a review or post on social media, there’s no better time to market and upsell your products and services, strengthen your identity, and offer a solution to their problems.

Look at the phone as one more channel of business advertising.  Every caller wants to feel like they’re your most important customer…they don’t want to be “sold”, but they do want to buy and they want information that helps them make the right decision. A great on-hold message can go a long way towards making that happen…the ROI on that is immeasurable.


Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” – Mark Twain



Add some life to your phone system

We can help you add some professionalism to your auto-attendant system or better market your special offers to callers who are waiting on-hold.

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