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On-Hold Marketing Jargon: MOH

posted by Racquel Heron in "Tips & Info"
July 22, 2014

Like many industries, the phone message industry has its own language and terms. For someone who knows very little about the industry, these terms can be very confusing. Since On-Hold Marketing is an industry leader, we feel it’s our duty to help everyone understand the terminology of our industry.


First of all, what is MOH? MOH simple means: Music on Hold or it is sometimes referred to as Message on Hold. In layman terms, MOH is a setting on a phone system that can play music or a custom message on your phone lines, when you place a caller on hold.


Most phone systems have a MOH system integrated into it with an audio jack labeled “MOH”, which allows you to plug in an external audio playback unit. There are different kinds of audio sources that can be used; from a radio, which is illegal to use because of copyright laws to a custom designed MOH, where you can control content, music genre, voice talent and the length of the message. This is the legal way to use your MOH since the company creating the custom MOH will have licensed music that follows today’s stringent copyright laws.


On-Hold Marketing is here to help you traverse through the jungle of the phone message industry, from figuring out if your phone system has a MOH setting, all the way to getting your custom MOH message playing on your hold lines. Feel free to contact us at or call us toll free at 888-466-4653 with your questions. We would love to hear from you.


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