The Hold Line is a Marketing Tool

Pick up the phone

Chances are there is an under-used marketing tool sitting right on your desk.  Impossible you say?  How about your telephone! Everyone knows that call handling is a crucial part of managing customer relationships, so why not eliminate the dreaded beep or silence on your hold button and treat your callers to a customer experience that generates brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Very often the telephone’s potential is overlooked and callers are left dangling on-hold, annoyed and wondering whether they should just hang up and go elsewhere.

Invest just a tiny fraction of your marketing budget to make a huge difference in caller satisfaction with a professionally recorded message and music program. The process is not complicated, expensive or time-consuming when you work with On-Hold Marketing’s experienced team of professionals. The set-up is simple and the benefits can be far-reaching.

The right on-hold message will help your business by:

  • Letting your callers know you care about them and their time.
  • Creating a professional, trustworthy image.
  • Saving you time by providing answers to repetitive questions.
  • Increasing awareness of your products and services.
  • Alerting callers to specials and events.

Not sure what you would put in that message?

Here are 5 tips for effective messages that will help increase sales.

1. Feature Your Company

  • Tell your caller what sets you apart from other businesses.
  • Mention products or services unique to your company.

2. Special Promotions and Events

  • Advertise your sales specials.
  • Provide interesting information on industry news.
  • Promote an event or a new product or service.

3. Social Media and Internet Presence

  • Mention online features that appear on your website.
  • List all your social media accounts.

4. Location and Hours

  • Let callers know the address of your company.
  • Inform them of your regular business hours and holiday hours.

5. Highlight Your Expertise

  • Showcase your talented and experienced staff members.
  • Feature testimonials, business accolades and more.

Businesswoman on the phone

By providing help or information callers need, hold time will seem shorter, they’ll have answers to mundane questions, and most importantly they will feel like your business cares about their time.  Happy callers make loyal customers, generating repeat business and positive recommendations on social media and throughout their network. Check out our article ‘Use On-Hold to Educate Your Callers’ which explains using your phone lines to keep your callers informed.

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne

Add some life to your phone system

We can help you add some professionalism to your auto-attendant system or better market your special offers to callers who are waiting on-hold.

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