Hit Your Target Market with the Right On-Hold Message!

The right On-Hold message speaks to your callers !

Do your On-Hold messages reflect your target audience? Knowing your target audience or target market is vital to your business…and to the success of your On-Hold program. In the world of advertising, a blanket audience message is common because it is often the simplest approach.  But, taking the time to speak the language of your callers and address their needs is a much more beneficial approach. 

Effective copy speaks directly to the market. It ensures that potential clients feel that your offer is exactly what they need to solve their problem.  And, it also saves you time and money by zeroing in on the buyers most likely to need your products and services.  Let us help you create successful On-Hold programs to engage your target audience.

Start with a few simple steps.

You know your company better than anyone…but do you know your customers?

Hit Your Target Market with the Right On-Hold Message


First of all, ask yourself: 

-What are some of your company’s best-sellers/popular service offerings?

-Are there frequently asked questions? 

-Which details do your clients need the most? 


Hit Your Target Market with the Right On-Hold MessageNow, ask WHY. 

-Do your customers pick these products or services because they are:

  • cost-efficient,
  • useful,
  • on-trend,
  • in-demand,
  • all-of-the-above? 

This is valuable information for all your marketing efforts including your phone messages. Communicate these results to your On-Hold script writer because they will set the tone and language to meet your callers’ needs. We’ll create copy that answers those questions or advertises the products or service offerings your clients are most interested in! 

For example, your oversupply of active wear can be either “comfy pants at a bargain price”, or “a limited supply of trendy tights to go with everything” depending on your target audience.  For best results, the choice of wording can reflect products geared to the professional or the consumer; scripted for local or global consumption; perfect for the supplier or the end user, etc. Now your On-Hold message is more than just the voice of your company. It’s a convenient tool to showcase your products and services.  And, it can be a valued salesperson too because, by offering a targeted solution, your message will make a deeper connection with your callers!

Contact us today and make the first step to hit your target market with the right on-hold message!



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